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Top Five Reasons to Attend a CPD Conference

#5: You’re establishing a network. The Harvard Business review recently released an article entitled “How to Get the Most Out of a Conference”. It mentioned that one of the biggest opportunities at a conference is the ability to connect with colleagues through networking. “Today, probably even more than ever before, networks are a key form […]


Dr. Monica Epelman: Radiology expert with a hands-on approach

Monica Epelman, MD, is passionate about getting the right diagnosis, and she’s spent her career in radiology finding ways to get to the bottom of every problem her little patients might face. Dr. Epelman originally intended to become a paediatrician, but decided to become a radiologist when she realized the role was “a natural fit” […]


Olympians on the importance of sleep

Every two years, the world’s eyes collectively turn to one event. It may be because the joining of countries across the globe for the pursuit of excellence is overwhelming, and because it is mesmerizing to watch Olympians as they control and manipulate their bodies in almost unbelievable ways. But in spite of the astounding ways […]