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  • Have you ever wanted to work with Indigenous populations but weren’t sure where to start?
  • Do you work with Indigenous communities and want to enhance your knowledge about major health conditions and determinants of health that contribute to health disparities?
  • Do you recognize that there may be differences in health perspectives within Indigenous peoples and you want to become a more culturally sensitive provider?
  • Are you looking for employment opportunities with Indigenous populations across Canada?

Indigenous Health Conference 2016:
Towards Health and Reconciliation

We welcome you to come to the Indigenous Health Conference (IHC) 2016: Towards Health and Reconciliation.

During the IHC 2014 Challenging Health Inequities, we heard heartbreaking stories through Justice Murray Sinclair about the residential school legacy. We made the 2014 Toronto Declaration, where the conference participants unanimously declared that we believed that a genocide occurred by the government of Canada against Indigenous peoples. We heard about the huge disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and the urgent need to address these issues. We also heard about hope, resiliency self-determination and about moving forward.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Indigenous Health Conference (IHC) 2016: Towards Health and Reconciliation, which will take place May 26th – 27th 2016 at the Hilton Meadowvale, Mississauga ON, where the theme is discussing reconciliation and solutions towards improved health for all Indigenous peoples. In addition the emphasis will be on healthy environments, from ecological health of the planet to the determinants of health. The conference primarily is through the voices of Indigenous peoples. Through the call for abstracts, we will profile the work of our community partners who are involved in Indigenous Health throughout Canada.

Health care providers have a critical role with Indigenous populations in advocating for the improved status of an individual, family, community. This conference is an interdisciplinary event would be of interest to healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, community health representatives, rehab, etc.), but also to policy makers, and public health specialists and community members, however anyone interested in Indigenous health is welcome. The conference objectives are to facilitate the translation and dissemination of knowledge and improve cultural sensitivity about Indigenous health in Canada. In addition the Job Fair would help match providers with working opportunities with Indigenous peoples, both rural and urban.

We believe that through examining the evidence and creating dialogue with Indigenous peoples, experts in the field and healthcare providers, we can help create better educated, more culturally competent health care providers for Indigenous peoples. In turn, this will improve the health care service, improve the understanding of healthcare needs, help formulate community-based research questions and improve advocacy for Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Anna Banerji, O.Ont., MD, MPH, FRCPC, DTM&H
Conference Director
Director, Global and Indigenous Health
Continuing Professional Development
University of Toronto

Photo Credit: Kimberly Harlowe