Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers.

Day 1 – Friday, September 15, 2017

7:00 Registration & Breakfast

New Frontiers in Minimal Invasive Therapies

Moderator: Victor Yang

8:00 Focused Ultrasound
Clement Hamani
8:20 Minimal Invasive Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage Aspiration and Lysis
Demetrius Lopes
8:40 Combined open surgical-endovascular Approaches – When and Why?
Ivan Radovanovic
9:00 Tissue Engineering for Brain Aneurysms
Matthew Gounis
9:20 OCT in Neurovascular Decision Making – Ready for Prime Time
Patrick Brouwer
9:40 Integrated Stroke Imaging using a Flatpanel Angiography
Vitor Pereira
10:00 Discussion
10:30 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Stroke – Challenges

Moderator: Gary Redekop

11:00 Remembering Cheemun
Grant Stotts
11:20 Acute Dissections and Ischemic Stroke
Gary Redekop
11:40 ADAPT vs SOLUMBRA vs BGC Thrombectomy: When to use what technique
Brian van Adel
12:00 Acute Stroke in Children: Technical Aspects
Darren Orbach
12:20 Discussion
12:30 Lunch

Pediatric Neurointervention

Moderator: Vitor Pereira

13:30 Non-vascular Pediatric Neurointerventions
Prakash Muthusami
13:50 HHT in the pediatric Agegroup: Neurovascular Phenotypes and Treatment
Timo Krings
14:10 Dural A/V lesions in the pediatric agegroup
Karel terBrugge
14:30 Retinoblastoma Treatment
Fergus Robertson
14:50 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Pediatric Neurointervention

Moderator: Manohar Shroff

15:10 Pediatric Neurointerventions – An interactive Potpurri from London
Adam Rennie
15:30 Pediatric Neurointerventions – An interactive Potpurri from Boston
Darren Orbach
15:50 Pediatric Neurointerventions – An interactive Potpurri from Toronto
Vitor Pereira

Challenging Cases

Moderator: Zul Kaderali

16:10 How I got into and out: Complications in Coiling – Case discussions
Cian O’Kelly
16:40 How I got into and out: Complications in Flowdiversion – Case discussion
Mike Kelly
17:10 How I got into and out: Complications in Stroke/Stenting – Case discussion
Patrick Brouwer



18:00 Conference Dinner
(Oro Restaurant, 45 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1)

Day 2 – Saturday, September 16, 2017

7:15 Registration & Breakfast

Stroke Prevention

Moderator: Daniel Roy

8:00 Identify and stabilize the vulnerable carotid plaque
Alan Moody
8:20 Current Status: CAS vs CEA vs medical treatment
Frank Silver
8:40 To protect or not to protect in CAS: Is there Evidence or Consensus?
Daniel Roy
9:00 Subclavian and extracranial Vertebral Stenting
Vitor Pereira
9:20 Challenging Cases – What would you do?
Leo da Costa
10:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Stroke – Concepts

Moderator: Jai Jai Shankar

10:30 Clot: origin, etiology and imaging
Matthew Gounis
10:50 Current Imaging Approach in Acute Stroke – the Calgary Model
Mayank Goyal
11:10 Building Stroke Systems – The Saskatchewan experience
Mike Kelly
11:30 Update on and Rationale behind current and future Stroke Trials
Vitor Pereira
12:00 Lunch

Aneurysms – Challenges

Moderator: Sumit Jhas

13:00 Should we treat poor Grade SAH patients? Evidence & Personal Experience
Genevieve Milot
13:20 Incidental imaging findings after aneurysm treatment
Ronit Agid
13:50 Imaging Follow-up of Flowdiversion
Aditya Bharatha
14:10 Fusiiforme vertebrobasilar Aneurysms – There is no therapeutic solution
Adnan Siddiqui
14:30 Fusiiforme vertebrobasilar Aneurysms – There is a therapeutic solution
Demetrius Lopes
14:45 Roundtable Discussion with the Audience

Tom Marotta
Michael Kelly
Victor Pereira
Adnan Siddiqui
Demetrius Lopes
15:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Aneurysms – Concepts

Moderator: Tom Marotta

15:30 Genetics and Aneurysms; Familial and Sporadic Aneurysms
Gabriel Rinkel
15:50 Fluid Dynamics and Aneurysms
Matthew Gounis
16:10 Inflammation and Aneurysms
Timo Krings

3rd Annual Karel terBrugge Lecture

Moderator: Timo Krings

16:30 Risks of development, growth and rupture of aneurysms
Gabriel Rinkel
17:00 Evaluation and Adjournment