2012-13 A Year of Transformation

CEPD Annual Report Executive Summary


Dimitri Anastakis
Vice Dean

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Transforming healthcare in Ontario and beyond

  • Expansion of Portfolio
  • Innovation in Education
  • Focus on Scholarship
  • Closer alignment with U of T Reputation

Suzan Schneeweiss

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Developing Relationships with Academic and CPD Leaders

  • IPE Courses 5 Year Trend

Simon Kitto

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Global leaders in CPD Research

  • 38 CEPD Research Grants
  • $19M+ CEPD Research Funds
  • 66 CEPD Publications

Lee Manchul
Awards & Winners

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Rewarding Excellence in CPD

Colin R. Woolf Awards

Excellence in Course Coordination
Dr. Albino Chiodo

Teaching Excellence
Dr. Marcus Burnstein

Long-Term Contribution to Continuing Education
Dr. Mary Bell

Fred Fallis Award in Online Learning
Dr. Heather MacNeill

Interprofessional Education (IPE) Team CE Award
Drs. Rene Wong & Catherine Yu

Ivan Silver Innovation Award
Dr. Peter Selby and
CAMH Nicotine Dependence Clinic Program Team


Peter Azmi
Innovations + Education

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Building on CEPD’s Relationship Partners


Susan Rock

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Canada’s largest provider of CPD Accredited events driving C-IPE

  • 120 Managed Accredited Events
  • 27,025 Total Registrants
  • 5 Year CACME Successful Review

Anna Naccarato
Event Management

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Reaching out to faculty and beyond

  • 313 Accredited Events by Faculty Department

Ross Barclay
Information Services

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Going to the next level in Event Management Software

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Ottawa
  • SIM-one