Summer 2010 Letter from the Vice Dean

Welcome to the summer issue of Bebo. We hope that everyone will find the time to take some time off and take care of themselves and their families. Over the spring, Susan Rock, Kate Hodgson, Jane Tipping and I met with all of the Clinical Department Chairs and their continuing education and professional development directors. We learned of the diverse activities both in course and conference provision, but also in scholarship and research in continuing education and related work in knowledge translation, quality and patient safety. We are very encouraged about the future of our field as it moves towards work and team based learning, performance review and assessment and a focus on quality, patient safety and evidence-based practice. We challenge our distributed continuing education providers in the Faculty to plan continuing education activities that are likely to impact on performance and patient outcomes. We are prepared to help you do this! Even though all of the departments specialize in different things, we all have this one goal in common: Better education for better outcomes. Have a great summer everyone. Kindest regards, Ivan Silver