Sandra Gauci

Sandra hasn’t always been an event planner.

“I went from working as an executive assistant, where I organized some events, and then changed career paths,” says Sandra, our newest event planner on how she came to be apart of the CEPD team.

This may be Sandra’s first year in the field of event planning, but she says she has great teachers here at CEPD to help her learn the ropes. On the job she has discovered what kind of person it takes to make a good event planner.

“You have to be organized and efficient,” she says. “Flexible, adaptable and most of all patient.”

In the past year, Sandra has worked on some interesting programs, including the inaugural Continuing Education Leadership Program and CPD in the City. She says the best thing about her job is meeting a lot of different people and having them appreciate you for what you’ve done to make their event a success. The hardest thing is encountering people who don’t know what an event planner does.

“The hardest thing is working with people who don’t know exactly what we do because if they can’t understand, if they micromanage, then there’s no trust,” says Sandra. “That’s when it’s hard to do this job efficiently and effectively.”

Working for CEPD has definitely honed Sandra’s ability to multitask.

“There was an event where I was filling every role possible,” she says. “Registration, A/V, set up and tear down, interviews, everything! You just do what you go to do to make the event a success.”

And that is really Sandra’s MO: do what you got to do to make the event a success. It’s why she is a great event planner and why she fits in so well at CEPD