Online Seminar Exploring Virtual Live Events coming February 2019

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

John Dewey

For all of the potential that technology affords educators, the challenge to convey and implement it remains a significant hurdle in the development of innovative learning experiences. Dr. Heather MacNeill of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health is working in collaboration with Instructional Designer Kataryna Nemethy and Academic Technologist Tamara Bahr to offer a Master’s course aimed at advancing educational technologies as they relate to a healthcare context.

The course, Educational Technologies for Health Professional Education (EdutechHPE), is an embodiment of its own objective in that it is a fluid combination of in-person and online learning opportunities. Learners have the option of attending the entire course, or individual workshops. Each lesson covers a unique aspect of educational technology, from a high-level overview of online learning, to the nuts and bolts of content creation and ultimately to the constantly evolving delivery methods available to educators, including social media, apps and webinars.

The workshop slated for February 12th will explore on such delivery method: Webinars and live virtual events, online facilitation.

Studies have demonstrated that the benefits of synchronous online learning go well beyond the course content itself. The opportunity for learners to engage with each other and their instructors in real time allows for a sense of community that would otherwise not exist, thereby establishing a more involved and collaborative learning environment.  Participants in the February workshop will learn how to effectively create and execute live virtual events by using Adobe Connect and present a group presentation. New for 2019, this workshop will be available in a fully online format if learners cannot attend the in-class portion.

For more information on this online seminar, and the entire course, visit the EdutechHPE website at: