Child Development Update 2019

Canadian public schools are struggling to recognize and educate the 15-20% of children in the classroom who are diagnosed with dyslexia1. Developmental dyslexia and reading impairments require more inclusive educational environments to ensure children receive effective learning instruction. Neurological conditions such as these can affect development amongst newborns and children. It can lead to poor academic performance, lower-than-expected occupational status as well as higher rates of social isolation.

Earlier diagnosis is key in managing these types of conditions. Child Development Update 2019 will provide participants with knowledge about on-going developments in paediatric research and effective treatment techniques that can help. Over the 2-day conference, participants will acquire a range of new assessment skills and strategies for managing developmental disorders.

Program highlights will include:

  • Developmental Dyslexia and Reading Impairments: Neurobiology, heredity, early identification and screening strategies
  • Updates on ASD Clinical Trials
  • New Care Guidelines in Retts, SMA and DMD
  • Cannabis in Children and Youth
  • Inclusive Education
  • Updates in Spasticity Management (ITB, SDR & DBS)

This conference is open to all healthcare professionals interested in child development including, but not limited to, Developmental Paediatricians, Family Physicians, Psychologists, Social Workers and Speech & Language Specialists. For more information and to register, visit: