Moving Forward: CPD 2016 Annual Report

2016 CPD Annual Report

We’re excited to share our new annual report for the 2016 academic year! This annual report presents CPD’s stories of leadership, innovations, scholarship and engagement with our community. Throughout 2016, we continued to work towards our vision of improving health through innovation in education. Some highlights include: Continued innovation through endeavours such as the Inaugural […]

Coordinated Response Required to Solve Opioid Crisis

It is undeniable that we are in the midst of a national opioid crisis. Canada is experiencing unprecedented increases in prescriptions for opioids and consequently the number of associated harms, including death. Thus, the need for improved opioid prescriber education – training that is comprehensive, rational and coordinated – is of paramount importance. The potential […]

All Eyes On the Future of Medicine

The Walter Wright Symposium has been around since before The Beatles came to America. Now in its 56th year, the event continues to uphold an old tradition of new discoveries. Though the symposium has served as a significant educational purpose in the past, its focus lies in present and upcoming innovations. The 2016 theme is […]

Conference to address kids’ skincare needs

Anyone who frequents social media pages and popular blogs will know that this past summer’s ongoing obsession was sun protection. A growing awareness of sun damage – in all of its forms – has led to a deeper concern among parents when it comes to the health of their little ones. And yet according to […]

Top Five Reasons to Attend a CPD Conference

CPD’s annual updates and meetings are forums where you can learn from the experts through presentations, panel discussions and workshops. Here are 5 reasons why you should attend. #5: You’re establishing a network. The Harvard Business review recently released an article entitled “How to Get the Most Out of a Conference”. It mentioned that one […]

Olympians on the importance of sleep

Every two years, the world’s eyes collectively turn to one event. It may be because the joining of countries across the globe for the pursuit of excellence is overwhelming, and because it is mesmerizing to watch Olympians as they control and manipulate their bodies in almost unbelievable ways. But in spite of the astounding ways […]

Why Every Firefighter Needs to Attend the Burn Symposium

By Bernice Halsband There is no doubt that liability ties into safety. For Fire Chiefs across the nation the race against modernity is an ongoing challenge. The staggering cost of injuries, both in monetary and time value, can be detrimental.Psychological scars represent a significant burden to the crews left behind when one of their own […]

Interactive workshop encourages good record-keeping

Interactive workshop encourages good record-keeping If healthcare is a body, then record keeping is the blood. It’s best when it’s not seen, and it is essential when it comes to keeping the whole system alive. But how does one effectively maintain records and ensure that they serve their ultimate purpose (being to benefit the patient)? […]

Innovative course addresses the opioid crisis

In 2007, Kelly Lanktree was prescribed Oxycontin for her pain following a knee injury. At age 27, she became addicted. “I had no idea they could be as addicting and powerful as they were,” she told the Globe and Mail. “Nobody’s really immune… it could be anybody.” Since the mid-90’s, an enormous boom in opioid […]

Indigenous Health Conference to bring clean water issues to light

Why have many Canadian reserves been under boil-water advisories for decades? Why is it that the West Moberly First Nations can’t eat the fish they catch without risking mercury poisoning? What can be done to put an end to this crisis? On May 27, a panel moderated by Dr. Faisal Moola from the David Suzuki […]