Sunday, October 28, 2018

0715 Registration and Breakfast
0800 Opening Session/Opening Remarks
Vice Dean Dr. Salvatore Spadafora
CEO SHSC Dr. Andy Smith
Fire Fighter Chief Pegg
Director Ross Tilley Burn Centre SHSC Dr. Marc Jeschke
CBA Board
Moderator: Sarvesh Logsetty
0830 Canadian Burn Network Lecture
(presentation will include 45 min and a 15 min Q&A)
What really matters to a burn survivor
Burn Survivor Spencer Beach
0930 Break
0945 Plenary Session: Challenges in Modern Burn Care. What are meaningful outcomes? How can we make an impact?
Moderator: Marc Jeschke, Sarvesh Logsetty
(each presentation will include a 15 min presentation and a 3 min Q&A with audience)

  • Acute Care: is mortality dead?
    Jack Rasmussen
  • What matters most in Pediatric burns
    Joel Fish
  • Population based Long-term outcomes
    Stephanie Mason
  • Quality of life and post-traumatic growth
    Judy Knighton
  • PTSD in burns, prevalence, treatment, outcomes
    Jitender Sareen
  • Impact of research- do we need RCTs?
    Steven Wolf
  • How can OT/PT improve outcomes of burn patients and how to measure it
    Jeffrey Schneider
1200 Lunch with exhibitors

Parallel Session SIG Part I

Room: Ballroom I

Acute and Critical Care
Shar Shahrokhi and Jack Rasmussen

Mechanical Ventilation in Severe Burns
Bourke Tillman

What’s the Harm? Transfusion Therapies in Burn Care
Jack Rasmussin

Burn Voodoo or Science: Antioxidants in Acute Burn Care
Shahriar Shahrokhi

Open forum discussion and Q&A with panel:

  • Sedation & Analgesia at the time of opioid crisis
  • Infection control and management when faced with MDR organisms

Room: Lismer

Occupational Physical Therapy
Matt Godleski and Lisa Lazzarotto
Incorporated Poster Abstracts:

  • Abstract #46 Effects of myofascial release technique in an outpatient burn population
    Lisa Giardino
  • Abstract #59 Case study: the effects of MRT on range of motion in a mature burn scar
    Lisa Giardino

Room: Harris
Psych including Long-term outcomes and QoL and Social aspects
Anne Hayward and Matt Boyle

1530 Break

Parallel Sessions – e-Posters Categories

Room: Ballroom I

Moderated Poster Session
(Each poster session is 5 minutes in total – 3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions)

Critical Care/Nutrition
Moderator: Tam Pham, Jack Rasmussen

  • Abstract #58 Evaluation of PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cell) markers in sepsis prognosis
    Alexandra Parousis
  • Abstract #28 Update on the implementation of provincial clinical practice burn guidelines and their impact on patient outcomes
    Anthony Papp
  • Abstract #67 Ketorolac and post-operative bleeding complications in burn patients
    Alwiya Ali
  • Abstract #41 Steam inhalation – Harmless symptom relief or a preventable life-threatening injury?
    Samuel Coulson
  • Abstract #15 A Case Report: ALI/ARDS Dealing with Severe Hypercapnia/Hypoxia without ECMO
    Mark Talon
  • Abstract #18 Neurocognitive and Psychological Changes Following Electrical Injuries: A Review
    Sam Iskandar

Moderator: Karen Smith, Lindsay Burnett

  • Abstract #27 The relation between positive screening results and MRSA infections in burn patients
    Anthony Papp
  • Abstract #20 Characterization of the bacterial biofilm associated with Xeroform and Kaltostat dressings and evaluation of their effectiveness on donor sites of thin skin engraftment in burn patients
    Michel Danino
  • Abstract #31 Surgical fires and burns in Canada: a 5-year analysis of medico-legal cases
    Diane Héroux
  • Abstract #47 A new surfactant dressing: early lessons learned
    Sarvesh Logsetty
  • Abstract #25 Incisional negative pressure therapy reduces complications and costs in pressure ulcer reconstruction
    Anthony Papp
  • Abstract #39 Ocular injuries resulting from intentional chemical assaults – One centres experience and first aid suggestions to prevent such injuries
    Samuel Coulson
  • Abstract #63 Sandal burns in children: management and consequences
    Babur Shakirov

Moderator: Sarvesh Logsetty, Shahriar Shahrokhi

  • Abstract #50 Using Non-Adhesive Microfluidic Wound Dressing for Optimal Wound Healing in Burn Patients
    Makram Alighami
  • Abstract #45 How is burn wound infection assessed in studies evaluating interventions for patients with burns? A systematic review
    Anna Davies
  • Abstract #62 A systematic review of the scalp donor site for split-thickness skin grafting
    Sorush Rokui
  • Abstract #38 The Use of Instillation Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in the Management of Complex Tissue Loss; a New Paradigm in Reconstruction
    Ali Izadpanah
  • Abstract #42 Pathway to Closure: Surgical Wounds Following Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
    Shahriar Shahrokhi
  • Abstract #54 A Surgical Device to Study the Efficacy of Bioengineered Skin Substitutes in Mice Wound Healing Models
    Andrea-Kaye Datu
  • Abstract #68 Diagnosis of sepsis in Steven’s-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
    Joanne Thai

Moderator: Steve Wolf, Kevin Chung

  • Abstract #30 Promotion of dermal regeneration by a pullulan/gelatin scaffold
    Nan Cheng
  • Abstract #32 The Critical Role of the NLRP3 Inflammasome during the Acute Phase Post-Burn
    Roohi Vinaik
  • Abstract #52 Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel for Skin Wound Healing
    Hwan Hee Oh
  • Abstract #44 A systematic review of clinical outcome reporting in randomized controlled trials of burn care: the need for a Core Outcome Set
    Anna Davies
  • Abstract #55 Characterization of the different adipose tissue depots post burn injury
    Osai Samadi
  • Abstract #33 Hepatic cellular stress induces periportal ductal progenitor cells proliferation, contributing to prolonged inflammatory response and hypermetabolism after severe thermal injury
    Li Diao
1715 End of day
1830 Conference Social

Monday, October 29, 2018

0700 Registration and Breakfast

Parallel Session SIG Part II

Room: Ballroom I
Karen Smith and Kim Furtado

Room: Harris
The OR team: An important piece of the puzzle
Anthony Papp and Karen Sageness

0735 Burn management in OR and staff training
Becky Wong, RN
0748 Setting up a burn OR room
Jaspreet Gill, Emely Dubon
0801 The Importance of Clinical Normothermia
Karen Sagness, RN
0814 Preoperative warming to prevent perioperative hypothermia in major burns
Alan Rodgers
0827 Temperature control in the OR
Jaspreet Gill, Angela Falletta, Emely Dubon, Anthony Papp
0840 Special considerations for burn anesthesia
Dr Lee Woodson
0857 Flipping the patient during burn OR. How I do it.
Anthony Papp

Room: MacDonald
Pediatric Burn
Joel Fish and Isabelle Perreault

  • Abstract #29 Burn Documentation in the Emergency Department
    Stephanie Davenport
  • Abstract #65 Social Complexity and Risk for Paediatric Burn Injury:
    A Systematic Review
    Sarvesh Logsetty

Room: Lismer
Katelyn Maniatis and Nancy Coutris

  • Subjective Global Assessment – the gold standard for diagnosing malnutrition
    Bridget Davidson
  • Case Study Presentations
    Nancy Coutris, Anna Van Osch
  • Abstract #53: Propranolol reduces mass loss post injury
    Osai Samadi
0915 Break
0930 Moderator: Marc Jeschke
(presentation will include a 45 min presentation and a 15 min Q&A with audience)
Canadian Burn Association Lecture
Burn Research – Lessons Learned
David Greenhalgh
1030 Break with exhibitors
1045 Plenary Session – Top 8 Abstracts
Moderator: Kevin Chung, Nicole Gibran, Claudia Malic
(each presentation will include a 10 min presentation and a 2 min Q&A with audience)

  • Abstract #48 A novel 3D-hand-held-printer enhances regeneration and wound healing in a burn porcine model
    Gertraud Eylert
  • Abstract #24 Metformin reduces lipolysis via protein phosphatase 2a activation in beige fat
    Chris Auger
  • Abstract #57 Exosomes enriched in the wharton’s jelly of the human umbilical cord enhances skin wound healing
    Nazihah Bakhtyar
  • Abstract #23 Adipose tissue from burn patients is proinflammatory, lipolytic and a key initiator of hepatic dysfunction
    Chris Auger
  • Abstract #34 Taming the flames: propranolol as a potential therapeutic agent in burn-induced browning
    Abdikarim Abdullahi
  • Abstract #8 Traumatic event exposure and mental illness among Canadian firefighters
    Reinhard Dolp
  • Abstract #21 Electrospun gelatin-polyurethane scaffold for skin tissue engineering
    Mohamad Ali Sheikolelsam
  • Abstract #37 Noninvasive burn scar measurements before and after treatment by 2940 erbium-yag fractional laser resurfacing
    Tarik Madni
1230 Lunch with exhibitors
1315 Research the future of burn care
Moderator: Tam Pham, Anthony Papp, Jack Rasmussen

  • Scarring
    Anthony Papp
  • Basic and Translational Research
    Nicole Gibran
  • Nursing Research – a must do
    Louise Rose
  • Patient malnutrition – we all have a role to play in addressing this common problem
    Bridget Davidson
  • OT/PT research
    Matt Godleski
  • Qualitative Research Design and Application
    Nora Cristall
  • Regenerative Medicine
    Lucie Germain
1445 Break
1455 Moderator: Karen Smith
Canadian Burn Nurses Lecture
Nursing Research – a must do
Louise Rose
1500 End of Academic Accredited Sessions/Break
1800 End of Day

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

0700 Registration and Breakfast
0800 Hot Topics Plenary session
Moderators: Shahriar Shahrokhi, Ali Izadpanah
(each presentation will include a 12 min presentation and a 5 min Q&A with audience)

  • Do we need every modern treatment modality in the critical care of burn patients?
    Kevin Chung
  • Transforming Health Care: Medical Homes for the Critically injured
    Nicole Gibran
  • Anesthesia and airway access
    Lee Woodson
  • Pathways for burn triage in a large catchment area
    Tam Pham
  • Canadian Burn platform to establish national protocols
    Claudia Malic
  • Sexual Function after burns
    Jeffrey Campbell
  • Laser Therapy the past the present and the future
    Matt Donelan
1000 Break
1030 Plenary Session – Top 6 posters
Moderator: Claudia Malic, Sarvesh Logsetty
(each presentation will include a 8 min presentation and a 2 min Q&A with audience)

  • Abstract #66 The effect of hypoglycemia and glucose control on patient outcomes after burn injury
    Sarah Rehou
  • Abstract #12 Using Intra-Arterial tPA for Severe Frostbite Cases – A Retrospective Study
    Mohamed Nazhat Al Yafi
  • Abstract #22 Survey of Current Post-Operative Autograft Mobilization Practice of Burn Surgeons
    Helene Retrouvey
  • Abstract #36 Outcomes Following Use of Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy Over Autologous Meshed and Non-Meshed Skin Grafts
    Alap Patel
  • Abstract #43 Tumescence Associated with Significant Hypertension in Pediatric Burn Patients
    Holly Cunningham
  • Abstract #60 Frailty: An Independent Predictor of Burn Mortality. Validation of a Combined Age and Frailty-Related Score System for Burns Outcomes
    Rachael Thomas
1130 Lunch with exhibitors
1230 Pro-Con Debates
Moderator: Marc Jeschke, Anthony Papp
(each debate will include 25% interactivity throughout the debate with audience)Face transplant in burn patients

  • Pro – Ali Izadpanah
  • Con – Alan Rogers


  • Pro – Sarvesh Logsetty
  • Con – Kevin Chung


  • Pro thrombolytics – Edouard Coeugniet
  • Con thrombolytics – Michael Nicole Gibran


  • Pro – Transfusions are needed Tam Pham
  • Con – Transfusions are not needed Jack Rasmussen
1430 Outlook to Ottawa
Marc Jeschke, Claudia Malic and Ali Izadpanah
1500 Meetings ends