Draft Agenda

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Sunday, September 22, 2019


Registration and Breakfast


Opening Session/Opening Remarks

0830 Canadian Burn Network Lecture
Moderator: Claudia Malic and Marc Jeschke
(presentation will include 45 min and a 15 min Q&A)

Marc Jeschke

Keynote Lecture:
Gord Hart- Burn Survivor



0945 Plenary Session: How do we define quality of services provided in burn care in Canada? Standardization, definition, outcomes
Moderators: Marc Jeschke, Sarvesh Logsetty, Claudia Malic
(each presentation will include a 12 min presentation and a 3 min Q&A with audience)

  • Canadian burn network – Vision, protocols, standardizing care
    Sarvesh Logsetty
  • First responders – quality process and outcomes
    Lionel Crowforth
  • Emergency departments and transfer to a burn centre – outcomes and quality of care
    Duncan Nickerson
  • Burn wound assessment and care: how, when and with what?
    Peter Kwan and Joshua Wong
  • Rehabilitation and scar management – how is the success measured?
    Bernadette Nedelec
  • Nutrition – how much, when to start, how to modulate
    Nancy Coutris
  • Analgesia, sedation and withdrawal in adult burn care
    Shahriar Shahrokhi
  • Mental wellbeing and psycho-social aspect – what is a successful mental rehabilitation
  • Nursing- defining burn nurse practice through certification
    Lindsay Burnett



1300 Parallel Workshop Session: How do we do burn care the Canadian way

Stream 1

  • Occupational Physical Therapy, when to immobilise/start mobility
    Matt Godleski (Toronto) and Bernadette Nedelec (Montreal)

Stream 2

  • Acute and Critical Care
    Jack Rasmussen Halifax, Katie Romanowski Sacramento
  • Mental Health, including Long-term outcomes and QoL and Social aspects, what to expect post burn surgery
    Nicolas Bergeron, Sam Iskander, Boyle (Toronto)

Stream 3

  • OR and wound care/dressings in the outpatient’s clinic
    Anthony Papp, Joel Fish, Isabelle Perreault
  • Challenges of first nations patients admitted far away from home
    Lindsay Wainwright



1600 Parallel Sessions – e-Posters Categories
Moderates: Steve Wolf, Nicole Gibran, Jeanne Lee, Ali Izadpanah

(Each poster session is 5 minutes in total – 3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions)


End of day

1830 Conference Social

Monday, September 23, 2019


Registration and Breakfast

0730 Parallel Workshop Session SIG Part II

  • Stream 1: Pediatric Burn
    Claudia Malic, Isabelle Perreault and Joel Fish
  • Stream 2: Geriatric Burn
    Katy Romanowski and Marc Jeschke
  • Stream 3: OT/PT
    Matt Godleski and Bernadette Nedelec
  • Stream 4: Nursing
    Lindsay Burnett
0915 Break

Moderator: President Elect and Introduction Sarvesh Logsetty


Canadian Burn Association Presidential address
Marc Jeschke


Break with exhibitors

1045 Plenary Session – Top 8 Abstracts
Moderator: Nicole Gibran, Kati Romanowski, Naiem Moiemen

(each presentation will include a 10 min presentation and a 2 min Q&A with audience)


Lunch with exhibitors

1300 How do we manage?
Moderator: Shahriar Shahrokhi and Jack Rasmussen
(12 minutes presentation 3 minutes questions)

  • Mass casualty
    Jeanne Lee San Diego
  • Extensive TBSA Burns
    Steve Wolf
  • Organ function and critical care
    Jack Rasmussen
  • Face burns
    Anthony Papp
  • Hand Burns
    Peter Kwan / Joshua Wong
  • Scarring
    Naiem Moiemen
  • Biofilms
    Alan Danino Montreal
  • Laser and Microneedling
    Ludwik Branski
  • Mental health
    Matt Boyle
  • Elderly burn patients
    Katie Romanowski
1530 End of Academic Accredited Sessions/Break

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Registration and Breakfast

0800 Business Meeting CBA
President and President Elect
Open to all delegates, who wish to join CBA
0915 Plenary Session – Top 6 posters
Moderators: Steve Wolf, Ludwik Branski, Phil Efron

(each presentation will include an 8 min presentation and a 2 min Q&A with audience)


Break with exhibitors

1030 Hot Topics Plenary session
Moderators: Shahriar Shahrokhi, Tony Papp, Duncan Nickerson
(each presentation will include a 12 min presentation and a 3 min Q&A with audience)

  • Quality research based on large database in burns and how could impact burn care in USA/Canada
    Steve Wolf
  • The National Trauma initiative leading to new questions in burns updates
    Nicole Gibran
  • Chronical Illness and new syndrome in the ICU
    Phil Efron
  • Inflammation the holy grail to burn survival?
    Laurie Kilpatrick
  • How outpatient based burn care could affect the burn centre revalidation criteria – Pediatric versus adults settings
    Joel Fish
  • Nation-wide outcome studies in the UK
    Naiem Moiemen


Lunch with exhibitors

1230 Pro-Con Debates
Moderator: Marc Jeschke, Claudia Malic

(each debate will be 8 min with a 3 min rebuttal, will include 25% interactivity throughout the debate with audience)

  • Telehealth pros and cons
    Pro Nicole Gibran vs. Con Anthony Papp
  • Social media pros and cons
    Pro Ali Izadpanah vs. Con Sara Rehou
  • Early vs late mobilisation of grafted areas
    Pro Lisa vs Con Shahriar Shahrokhi
  • Early vs. late reconstruction
    Pro Duncan Nickerson vs. Con Naiem Moiemen


Outlook to Victoria BC

1400 Meetings ends