First Responders Program

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Location: Hilton Downtown Toronto, Conference Level

0700 Registration and Breakfast

Opening Session

Opening Remarks
Vice Dean Salvatore Spadafora
Chief Matthew Peg
Marc Jeschke

0855 First Responders Move to First Responder Stream
First Responder Program
0900 Welcome Remarks
Chief Pegg and Scott Marks
Moderator: Ken Webb
0915 Today’s Toxic World:
Chemical flame retardants have been outlawed in Canada but with tens of thousands of new chemicals created every year the industry is fighting hard to change standards that allows them back onto mattresses, into cribs and baby seats and just about every other surface we touch and consequently absorb into our bloodstream. Join the conversation with the IAFF to stop the spread of these cancer-causing agents
Scott Marks
1015 Break
1030 Improved Methods for Managing Chemical Burns
David Wootten
1130 Too Hot for Tots
Lisa Lacamell
1230 Lunch
Moderator: Bernice Halsband
1330 BC Burn Fund, a Blue Print
Lisa Lacamell
1400 Know the limitations of your bunker gear
Don King
1515 Treatment of Burn injured Fire Fighters from superheated environment
Ken Webb
1600 Break
1615 Building a fire fighter program: when fire fighters get injured
Marc Jeschke
1715 End of day
1815 Conference Social

Monday October 29, 2018

0730 Breakfast and Registration
Moderator: Geoff Boisseau
0800 When ‘Routine Fires’ become fatal
Lionel Crowther
0900 Opioid & Occupational Stress Injury sessions (PTSD)
Gord Ditchburn
1000 Break
Moderator: Lisa Lacamell
1030 After the Struggle: The Potential for Post-Traumatic Growth
Judy Knighton
1130 ABLS
Maria Paulsen
1200 Lunch
1300 Burn Bootcamp: The development of a burn education program for rural and remote areas
Maria Paulsen
1400 IAFF Burn Foundation Membership Programs: Y Fires
YFIRES is a data collection and national repository project developed by the IAFF Charitable Foundation Burn Fund
Tom Flamm and Phil Tammaro
Moderator: Tom Flamm
1500 Mass Casualty Incident
Geoff Boisseau, Marc Jeschke, William Casey, Jim Lawson
1730 End of Day

Tuesday October 30, 2018