Preliminary Agenda

Preliminary Academic Agenda

Sunday, September 24, 2017

0700 Breakfast and registration
Location: East and Mid Ballroom
0800 Welcome Remarks

Session I Moderator: TBA

(each title will incorporate a min of 20 min inactivity btw speakers, panel and audience)

0830 Challenges/ Complicated Cases (Part 1)
Marc Jeschke, Duncan Nickerson, Anthony Papp, Isabelle Perreault
0930 Innovations in Wound Care: What’s New in Wound Care
Shar Shahrhoki, Tony Papp, Sarvesh Logsetty, Marc Jeschke
1000 Break with Exhibitors

Interactive Breakout Sessions With abstracts

  • Rehab
    Moderator: Lisa Forbes / Bernadette Nedelec
    Location: Cambridge
  • Wound Management
    Moderator: Sarvesh Logsetty / Lindsay Burnett
    Location: East Ballroom
  • Basic Science Research
    Moderator: Aziz Ghahary/Song Liu
    Location: Lombard
  • Registry
    Moderator: Justin Gawaziuk
    Location: York

Honorary CABN speaker: Post Traumatic Growth

Judy Knighton

1200 Lunch with Exhibitors

Session III Moderator: TBA

(each title will incorporate a min of 10 min inactivity btw speakers, panel and audience)


Panel Discussion: Non Burn wounds

  • NecFasc
    Sarvesh Logsetty
  • TENS
    Tony Papp
  • Vasculitis
    Shahriar Shahrokhi
1315 Emergency Burn Care Management: What’s New in Emergency Burn Care
The latest ABLS and ATLS guidelines

Rob Grierson, Tam Pham and Sarvesh Logsetty
1400 Break with Exhibitors

Session IV Interactive Oral Abstract Sessions Top four plenary abstracts


Burn Network Speaker: Approaches to Disaster Management Lessons learned from 9/11

Jim Jeng

1615 End of Day
1800 Canadian Museum of Human Rights Social

Monday, September 25, 2017

0730-0800 Breakfast with Exhibitors

Wally Peter Lecture:

The molecular basis for the treatment of hypertrophic scar following burn injury
Ted Tredget

0845 ProCon Debate:

  1. Isolation vs no isolation
    Shahriar Shahrohki, Tim Riegel
  2. Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
    Tam Pham, Jim Jeng
0915 The best articles in Burns for the past year’, and ‘What’s exciting for the future of burn care
Steven E. Wolf
0945 Panel: Challenges in the transitional phase of recovery: Delirium, pain management
Faisal Siddiqui, Nicolas Bergeron
1030 Break with Exhibitors

Session VII Interactive Oral Abstract Sessions

1215 Lunch with Exhibitors
1300 Intro of Canadian Association of Burn Nurses keynote: with the future of CABN
Tricia Carta

Canadian Association of Burn Nurses Keynote Address

Burn Nurse competencies
Gretchen Carrougher


Session IX Posters

  • Screen I
    Basic Science
    Moderator: Song Liu / Saeid Amini-Nik
  • Screen II
    Clinical care
    Moderator: Isabelle Perrault / Tricia Carta
  • Screen III
    Clinical Research
    Moderator: Nickerson / Izadpanah
1445 Break with Exhibitors

Session X Interactive Breakouts

  • Psychosocial
    Moderator Nora Cristall, Nicolas Bergeron
    Location: Cambridge
  • Acute Care/Resuscitation
    Moderator: Tam Pham, Steve Wolfe
    Location: East Ballroom
  • Nutrition
    Moderator: Nancy Coutris
    Location: TBA
  • Clinical Research
    Moderator: Gretchen Carrougher, Isabelle Perrault
    Location: Lombard
1630 End of Day

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

0730 Breakfast with Exhibitors

Session XI Moderator: TBA

(each title will incorporate a min of 20 min inactivity btw speakers, panel and audience)

0800 Optimizing Hand Surgical Outcomes in Full Thickness Burns
Anthony Papp

Panel discussion: Management of Frostbite injury: Epidemiology and Investigations

  • Epidemiology and investigations
    Chris Nguyen
  • TPA
    Isabelle Perreault
  • Iloprost
    Alex Poole
0900 Break with Exhibitors

Cont. Session XI Moderator: TBA

0930 Pro/Con:

  • Beta blocker vs no beta blocker
    (Fish / Jeschke)
  • Hydrotherapy vs No Hydrotherapy
    (Tredget / Nickerson)
1000 Panel Discussion: Challenges/ complicated cases (Part 2)
Marc Jeschke, Duncan Nickerson, Anthony Papp, Isabelle Perreault
1045 Future of Burn Care
Marc Jeschke
1200 End