Faculty Development

Recognizing the importance of applying best practices in course identification, design, development, delivery and measurement, CPD offers free access to Educational Consulting experts to advise Course Directors on best practices in continuing education and professional development, program development and design (needs assessment, objectives, education/learning formats), evaluation strategies and other essential components of accreditation and sponsorship – all consistent with delivering outcome-based continuous learning experiences.

Services offered to faculty and course organizers include

  • Program design: support and training for needs assessment methodologies, writing learning objectives, choosing effective methodologies and developing evaluation strategies.
  • Accreditation process: assistance with the CPD course proposal system and facilitation of the accreditation process, ensuring that courses meet the standards for U of T accreditation and sponsorship, which should ultimately expedite the accreditation process for Course Directors.
  • Specialized training: teaching, audience interaction and facilitation techniques for both small and large group situations.
  • One-on-one coaching: personalized training for presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Special interest learning modules: topics include effecting and measuring change; developing communities of practice; advanced needs analysis techniques; identifying and working with educational influencers; practice-based learning and outcomes measurement

The expertise available through our Educational Consultants ensures that important health issues and learning best practices are identified, understood and addressed in program design and delivery, in order to foster improved health outcomes.

To learn more about our Educational Consulting services, please contact: info.cpd@utoronto.ca