Featuring interactive lectures, case presentations and smaller workshops

2019 Program Goals

This four-day program will give you the opportunity to be part of interactive lectures and case presentations and will conclude with smaller workshops. Delegates will be given opportunities to present their own cases and exchange ideas in an open dialogue with faculty.

2019 Hot Topics

  • Laparoscopic eTep for inguinal hernia repair
  • Postoperative opioids – what now?
  • New tricks for massive upper GI bleed
  • Automated wound cleansing therapy
  • Water Aided Colonoscopy
  • Surgery for diverticular disease in 2019
  • The “burn out” epidemic

Target Audience

  • Practising general surgeons
  • Subspecialty surgeons (acute care surgery, MIS, surgical oncology, colorectal)
  • General surgery residents
  • Surgical fellows
  • Allied Health

Hands-On Workshops

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Participants may participate in one workshop ONLY on Wednesday

  • Comprehensive Oncoplastics – Full Day. Pre-registration and additional fee required
  • Complex Abdominal Wound Management* – 3 Hours. Pre-Registration and additional fee required