zz CPD Advancement and Ideas Grants

We are pleased to once again be offering grant funding in support of CPD. The CPD Advancement and Ideas grants are intended to support research and scholarly activities within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and aligned with the mission of Continuing Professional Development that are focused on the continuing professional development of practicing healthcare professionals.

Grants are available in two streams:

Stream 1: Advancing the Science of CPD: CPD will offer up to one grant per year that requires matching funds. This grant will be worth up to $10,000 CAD ($20,000 including the match). The matched funding can be in the form of a financial payment or as in-kind support. It is expected that those who are applying within this stream have a body of literature already in place and expect to take that knowledge and advance the work. This may be tied to an existing program of research, but this is not required.

Stream 2: CPD Ideas: CPD will offer up to three grants per year worth up to $5000. These grants will not require a match. It is expected that those who are applying within this stream have an idea they wish to explore and need further funding to support that exploration.

The 2022-23 grant program will accept proposals relevant to the mission of CPD at the University of Toronto and/or aligned with the following themes:

  • Building a Resilient CPD System: focused on individual and/or organizational and/or structural models of achieving and sustaining wellness and resiliency within CPD programs and/or structures
  • Building a Compassionate CPD System: focused on the development of compassion and compassionate care within CPD programs and/or structures.
  • Building the Evidentiary Base for CPD: focused on leveraging and extending visions for CPD that have been previously articulated (e.g. FMEC:CPD), allowing for the exploration and extension of key theoretical underpinnings of CPD.

All grant applications must contribute to a fourth theme: building an equitable, diverse, inclusive, accessible, and/or socially just CPD system. All applicants will be asked how their proposals will contribute to this theme.

The CPD Advancement and Ideas Grants support new discoveries in CPD. This could include areas around understanding CPD broadly (conceptual frameworks, theoretical underpinnings, links to better patient and community health outcomes), generating new areas of research or new discoveries in the field of CPD, all requiring strong research and/or evaluation questions to direct the investigation. Collaboration amongst health professions is encouraged. Projects that seek to evaluate a CPD program should demonstrate relevance to other CPD programs and this connection should be explicitly stated in the application.

Applications will be due no later than Monday, January 30, 2023 at midnight (EST)

Applications are to be submitted as (preferably) a single PDF file. Requirements for the application are outlined in the document below.


Please contact Morag Paton, CPD Education Research Coordinator at morag.paton@utoronto.ca

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October 14, 2021

Applications have now closed for 2023, please check back in Fall 2023 for an update about the 2024 cycle