Preliminary Agenda: Poster Sessions

Poster # Thursday May 21 | Poster Titles & Presenters
01 A scoping review of safe drinking water challenges in First Nations communities
Abhinand Thaivalappil
02 International Perspectives on the Role of Indigenous Fathers in Supporting the Health of Their Infants: A Scoping Review
Amy Wright
03 Lessons from Fieldwork — Welcoming Reconciliation into the Workplace?
Andrea L. K. Johnston
04 The Role of the Indigenous Patient Navigator Internationally: A Scoping Review
Aric Rankin
05 The Role of the Indigenous Patient Navigator Internationally: A Scoping Review
Aric Rankin
06 Rates of new HIV diagnoses among Indigenous peoples in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States: 2009-2017
Chenoa Cassidy-Matthews
07 Indigenous Epistemologies, Worldviews, and Theories of Power
Dana Hickey
08 Exposure to environmental contaminants related to hydraulic fracturing in pregnant women from Northeastern British Columbia: results from a pilot study and future perspectives
Elyse Caron-Beaudoin
09 Developing a Regional Diabetes Strategy for the Sioux Lookout Area
Janet Gordon
10 Diabetes Prevalence, Incidence and Complication Rates in Remote Communities in the Sioux Lookout Area
Sumeet Sodhi
11 Health Impact Assessment
Faiza Waheed
12 Healing, the Meno Ya Win Way: Treating the Whole Self through Cultural Comfort and Familiarity
Kathy Loon
13 First Nations Health Authority Ecosystem of Health and Wellness
Janene Erickson
14 Courage, Compassion and Connection: exploring of the pre-diagnosis cancer journey for Labrador’s Indigenous populations
Kathy Michelin
15 Implementation of the Learning Circle: Local Healthy Food to School Initiative in the Northerly Community of Hazelton, British Columbia – A Descriptive Case Study.
Louise Watson McEachern
16 Collaboratively Adapting Commercial Tobacco Cessation Treatment Models to Promote Health Equity among Indigenous Communities in Ontario
Megan Barker
17 Systematic review of evaluated knowledge translation (KT) processes and practices in Indigenous health research contexts: Findings and recommendations
Melody Morton Ninomiya
18 Community resilience in the face of research funding cuts and ongoing local challenges
Ningwakwe George, Melody Morton Ninomiya
19 Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program: Essential Characteristics of Successful Multi-Sited Community University Partnerships with Indigenous Communities
Sabrina Lopresti
20 Exploring Child-Focused Professional Practices in Long Point First Nation and Rapid Lake, Quebec
Satya Cobos
21 A Strategy to Address the Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action # 23: Increase the Number of Aboriginal Professionals Working in the Health-Care Field.
Brigitte Loeppky


Poster # Friday May 22 | Poster Titles & Presenters
01 Bridging the cancer divide: Leveraging community strengths and optimizing technology use to improve screening for Indigenous women in northern BC through HPV self-collection
Alexanne Dick
02 Applications of Two-Eyed Seeing in Primary Research Focused on Indigenous Health: A Scoping Review
Andrew Forbes
03 Barriers to Providing Culturally Safe Care to Indigenous People (Research in progress)
Ashley Wilkinson
04 Evaluating the effectiveness of Indigenous health curricula on first year health professional students perceived causes of health inequities and attitudes towards Indigenous peoples
Carolyn Gaspar
05 Miyo-Pimâtisiwin: The Development of Indigenous Knowledge Centres with a Focus on Wellness
Malcolm King
06 A scoping review: Comparing Canadian and American federal-level health policy and the associated impacts on access to care in First Nations and American Indians/Alaska Natives communities
Denise Webb
07 Supporting Equity in the Implementation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Guidelines: The Development of a Logic Model for Indigenous Individuals at Risk for Inequitable Outcomes in Canada
Emilie Pianarosa
08 Missing, missed, and missing the boat: Teen mental health and the struggles of Native families
Hilary Weaver
09 Learning Across Communities through Annual Gatherings – enhancing the scaling up of Learning Circles: Local Healthy Food to School in four Indigenous Communities.
Jennifer Yessis, Tania Dick
10 Genomics and Ethics Program for Native Students (GEN): A Model for Indigenous-based, Mentor-linked Learning
Jessica Blanchard, Justin Lund
11 The Ookwin Study
Julia Uhanova, Byron Beardy
12 Black and Indigenous health futurities: What care and preservation can actually look like for our communities.
Jane Theriault-Norman
13 Involving Families in the Care of Indigenous Infants: A Philosophical Exploration of Indigenous Ways of Knowing to Inform Nursing Practice in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Leah Carrier, Jessy Dame
14 Importance of Fish for Food and Nutrition Security among First Nations in Canada
Lesya Marushka
15 All my relations: Patient oriented research & Indigenous methodologies
Marina Giovannoni
16 A Case Report of Successful Reconciliation to Healthcare: Exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences Improved Health Outcomes in an Indigenous Elderly Patient
Pooja Madathil
17 “It’s a constant process of engagement that we’ve been a part of to bring the evaluation to life”: Evaluating the Aboriginal Stream of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Community Challenge
Rachel Harris, Heather Manson
18 The Effects of Climate Change on Traditional Activities, Food Security, and Health of a Northern Ontario First Nation
Riley Belanger
19 Tavva: Developing Inuit-Specific Sexual Health Indicators
Savanah Ashton, Sipporah Enuaraq
20 Cannabis in Our Communities: A Focus on Inuit Youth and Maternal Health and Well-being
Savanah Ashton
21 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Supporting Inuit Families and Communities
Savanah Ashton, Reyna Uriarte
22 Indigenous Writing Retreats
Whitney Ann Henry
23 Quality improvement recommendations: Clinical trial recruitment strategies for Indigenous men.
Wiliam Maybee


Poster # Saturday May 23 | Poster Titles & Presenters
01 The Native Wellness Assessment(TM): Measuring the effect of culture on wellness
Amanda Perri
02 Advancing Primary Health Care for Indigenous Peoples in Alberta
Anika Sehgal
03 Community Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) Implementation in Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nation Tribal Council and its communities – Progress Amidst Challenges
Anjali Mago
04 First Nations peoples’ physical activity and eating behaviours in urban area: A mixed-methods approach
Anne-Marie Leclerc
05 The Percy Papers
Atik Bird
06 Cultural Humility: Essential Foundations when Working with Indigenous Clients
Crystal Hardy
07 Two Community-Guided Initiatives Using Dried Blood Spot Sample Gathering for Community-Wide HCV/STBBI Testing
Leroy Quoquat
08 From Exploitation to Education to Efficacy: Indigenous Experiences of Motherhood
Ginelle Giacomin
09 Quality of Preventative Oral Health Services in Indigenous Communities (Q-POHSIC) – A Measurement Tool
Janelle Brown-Walkus
10 The Cedar Project: Intergenerational child apprehension and HIV among young Indigenous people who have used drugs in British Columbia
11 Fulfilling visions of the past for the futures of tomorrow; the implementation of a Culturally Enhanced Chronic Kidney Wellness Initiative
Kendra Filteau
12 Exploring How Connection to Land, Water, and Territory Influences the Health and Wellness with First Nations Knowledge Keepers and Youth in the Fraser Salish Region of British Columbia
Krista Stelkia, Shannon McDonald, Anita Manshadi
13 An Exploratory Study on How Structural Racism Impacts Chronic Disease and Comorbidity in First Nations Adults in Canada
Krista Stelkia
14 The Challenges of Indigenous Health Care in Brazil
Luiz Machado
15 Nohkom (k)Nowledge Workshops: Sharing Traditional Knowledge to Increase Intergenerational Cohesion
Cora Voyageur
16 Facilitating Indigenous Research Through Relationship Building
Marta Zmudzinski
17 Creating pathways to healthcare education with Indigenous youth
Natalie Sloof, Layla Amer Ali, Tyler Blue, Brenna Hansen
18 Enhancing Access to Health Care for Urban Indigenous People in homelessness situation: A Peer Navigators Approach By Simeon, J. and Roussy-Ste-Croix , A. LaBillois , A.
Annie Roussy Ste-Croix, Jimmy Siméon, Amanda LaBillois
19 ‘Wongi mi bardup’ (doing it our way): methodologies that promote Indigenous knowledge, ways and culture for birthing on Noongar Boodjar (Aboriginal Noongar Country).
Juli Coffin, Melanie Robinson, Denese Griffin
20 Impacts of Indigenous Youth Political Engagement on Mental Health: A Brief Scoping Review
Shanna Peltier
21 Approaching Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease through Nutrition and Physical Activity from an Indigenous Perspective
Sydnee Tuckett
22 Culturally safe cancer survivorship care – Experiences from Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation
Wendy Gifford, Peggy Dick
23 Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in Suicide Prevention Programs: A Scoping Review
Winta Ghidei, Stephanie Montesanti