A Regional Knowledge Mobilization Model for First Nations Mental Wellness Strategies: Building on Local Knowledge and Networks

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Author(s): Samantha Wells; Julie George; Sara Plain; Sharon Bernards, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Tracey George; Melody Morton- Ninomiya; Renee Linklater; Kathryn Graham,


In this talk, we will describe a research program funded by a Health System Research Fund (HSRF) Program Award, Min- istry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) that involves the development of First Nations community mental wellness strategies. Mental health, substance use/addiction and violence are important issues affecting the well-being of Indigenous peo- ple. To address these issues, our team is working closely with five First Nations communities in two Ontario LHINs (South West and Erie St. Clair) to collect and apply local data in the development and implementation of community wellness strat- egies. This presentation will describe our experiences in two participating communities.
Oral Presentation