This lecture series has incorporated a minimum of 25% interactive Q&A period in every speaker presentation, workshop and oral session. To further increase opportunities for engagement, the conference committee is providing online tools that allow for the submission of questions and comments from participants.

12:15 Welcome Remarks
Dr. Taymaa May and Dr. Stephanie Lheureux
Precision Therapy in Endometrial Cancer
Moderator: Dr. Julie Francis
12:20 The advantages of the PORTEC3 protocol in Endometrial Cancer
Dr. Eric Leung
12:50 Effectiveness of Immunotherapy in Endometrial Cancer- The new frontier
Dr. Anna Tinker
1:20 Managing immunotherapy side effects in women with endometrial cancer
Dr. Stephen Welch and Ms Michelle Hagle, RN
2:00 Stretch Break
Personalized Treatment in Ovarian Cancer
Moderator: Dr. Michael Fung Kee Fung
2:30 Surgical advances in ovarian cancer: Integration of HIPEC and bowel anastomosis perfusion assessment into ovarian cancer surgical cytoreduction
Dr. Genevieve Bouchard-Fortier and Dr. Taymaa May
3:00 Community access and resources for patients with advanced ovarian cancer- care closer to home
Dr. Leah Jutzi and Dr. Amira Rana
3:30 Stretch break
Personalized Treatment in Ovarian Cancer Continuation
3:40 Choosing the right PARP inhibitors for women with ovarian cancer
Dr. Jake McGee
4:10 Management of PARP inhibitors side effects
Dr. Stephanie Lheureux and Ms. Carmen Jones
4:50 Closing Remarks
Dr. Taymaa May and Dr. Stephanie Lheureux
5:00 Sojourn