The Continuing Professional Development office is currently not offering Continuing Education Research and Development (CERD) grants at this time. Please check back.

Continuing Education Research and Development (CERD) Award Program

The CERD grant competition is held three times per year. Grants up to a maximum of $5,000 are awarded to fund CE research relevant to the mission of the CPD Office. The Research & Development grants are intended to support projects that directly relate to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of continuing education for health professionals. These funds may be used as pilot funding for further research in the area. The co-chairs of RICE, Drs. Kitto and Salbach and RICE member Ms. Joanne Goldman, with administrative support from Ms. Vashty Hawkins, were responsible for adjudicating and managing the CERD Award program. The following grants were awarded in 2012-2013:

Continuing Education Research and Development Award Recipients:

April 2014

    • “Development of Innovative Tools for Teaching, Training, and Fidelity Measurement of a Complex Intervention in Geriatric Mental Health”
      Joel Sadavoy, Virginia Wesson, Mary Chiu, LJ Nelles – Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Hospital

January 2014

    • “An Online Flipped Classroom Experience in Continuing Professional Development”
      Stella Ng – Centre for Faculty Development, St. Michael’s Hospital
    • “Evaluating the Effectiveness of ‘The Rounds Table’, a novel Medical Podcast for Continuing Professional Education”
      Fahad Razak and Amol Verma – Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
    • “The Future of Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development in Psychiatry: How can they co-exist?”
      Sanjeev Sockalingam – Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
    • “Evaluating an Approach to the Competency-based Training and Assessment of Non-technical Skills in Surgical Residency”
      Teodor Grantcharov – Division of General Surgery, St. Michael’s Hospital

September 2013

    • “Educating Clinicians on Critical IV Push Infusion Concepts Using Novel Visual and Interactive Training”
      Anthony Easty – Toronto General Hospital

April 2013

    • “Through the Eyes of the Beholder: Understanding physicians’ concepts of childhood obesity”
      Nicole Woods and Maria Mylopoulos – The Wilson Centre
    • “Traumatic Brain Injury and Homelessness: The educational needs of homeless shelter care providers”
      Jane Topolevec-Vranic – St. Michael’s Hospital

January 2013

    • “An Evaluation of Meaningful Family Involvement and Participation within the Online Course: Collaborating with families affected by concurrent disorders”
      David Wiljer – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    • “Barriers to the Uptake of Surgical Telementoring: The perspectives of Canadian general surgeons”
      Allan Okrainec – Toronto Western Hospital

September 2012

    • “Neonatal Experience in Resuscitation for our Department (NERD): A randomized trial of the educational effectiveness of an interprofessional in-situ simulation training intervention compared with a standard clinical observership”
      Nicole Kester-Greene – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
    • “Stigma and Bipolar Disorder: A novel knowledge translation initiative”
      Sagar Parikh – Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto