Colin Woolf Excellence in Course Coordination

Dr. Colin Woolf was one of the first generation of chest physicians in Canada; he came to the University of Toronto after training in both South Africa and in the UK. He pioneered the creation of the Respiratory Failure Unit at the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) back in the 1960s, which is now known as the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

More about Colin Woolf and the Awards including example score sheets and common criteria across all Colin Woolf awards.

Specific Criteria for this Award Selection

  • Needs Assessment
  • Course Planning
  • Course design/Organization of Course
  • Evaluation Opportunities
  • Evaluation Feedback
  • Learning Outcomes /Fulfillment of course objectives

In addition to the eligibility requirements for all awards, the following is required:

  • The nomination package must describe course design, promotion, organization, achievement of objectives and relevance to the needs of the course participants.
  • Individual and group nominees will be considered. Groups/committees wishing to be nominated will need to recognize a program director and nominate them as representative of the group/committee.
  • Nominations will only be considered for the academic year in which the Continuing Education event took place. The academic year is from July 1 to June 30.

*Courses managed by the CPD office at U of T can request the course program, evaluation data and participant comments to include as part of their submission.

Terms of reference

  • All faculty affiliated with University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine are eligible for the award
  • Nominations should be made by a faculty member, preferably a department chair or CPD director. No self-nominations please.
  • An individual who has been previously nominated and has not won an award remains eligible in a succeeding year. An individual will not normally be considered for a Colin Woolf award for teaching excellence or course coordination in the previous 3 years (inclusive).
  • Nominees will not automatically be considered in alternative categories should they be unsuccessful in one category. However, an individual or group can be nominated in more than one Colin Woolf award category OR be nominated for other CPD awards in addition to the Colin Woolf award in the same year. Each award nomination requires its own application and documentation specific to the award in which the individual/group has been nominated.
  • Closing date for nominations is the end of November for the programs developed in the previous calendar year

Submission Documents


  • Copy of the course program
  • List of planning committee (if not in program)
  • Needs assessment data on which program was developed
  • Course objectives
  • Statement of learning outcomes if relevant (may be addressed in objectives)
  • Data on learning outcomes if relevant
  • Evaluation data
  • Participant’s comments
  • 2 letters of peer support (letter or email accepted)
  • Executive summary of the reasons for and impact of nominated program (by nominating individual/group)
  • * all above documents must pertain to the current CPD event submitted for evaluation


  • Previous programs MAY be submitted to show evolution of the course, if relevant. They will NOT be evaluated but can be used to support an application. Maximum of 3 previous years may be submitted.

Award value


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Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).

Awards Eligibility

  • All faculty affiliated with U of T Faculty of Medicine are eligible for consideration.
  • Awards are in recognition of U of T accredited Continuing Education courses only.
  • An individual who has been previously nominated and has not won an award remains eligible in a succeeding year. A new submission is required.
  • An individual will not normally be considered for an award if he or she has won the award in the previous five years. They are however eligible to apply in another category.


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