Toronto Neurology Update

Thank-you for agreeing to be a speaker at the Toronto Neurology Update at the DoubleTree by Hilton 108 Chestnut Street Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R3 on October 21, 2023.

This web page will guide you through a series of tasks for your live digital presentation. Please complete all the tasks by the deadlines listed below.

1 Preparing for Your Session

August 31

Please submit the following items by email to CPD Conference Services

Credentials & Appointments

All speakers are asked to submit their signature in the following format:

Short Biography (50 words or less)

Your biography should be 2-3 sentences  (50 words or less) outlining your experience in the field.


Please provide a professional headshot in jpeg or png format. This will be used on the online platform and in conference marketing materials.

Toronto Neurology Update Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this conference, the participants will be able to:

  1. Become more comfortable with the initial evaluation of a variety of common neurological presentations
  2. Be updated with the newest developments in neurology which will impact the clinical practice of non-neurologist physicians
  3. Improve their skills in performing and interpreting the neurological examination (in-person attendees)

Format Requirements

Presenters should maintain a practical focus, highlighting new issues and diagnostic challenges relevant to practicing physicians and should structure presentations around a set of individual cases (3-5 depending on the length of the talk).

Presentations are limited to the stated length and cannot impede upon the discussion and Q&A time. Participants can submit questions throughout the session which the moderator will curate and ask at the end of each session.

Publication Release Form

You will need to complete the following Publication Release Form.

Conflict of Interest Form

Every speaker must complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

2 Prepare your Presentation

October 16

Slide Format & Mandatory Slides

University of Toronto Accreditation conditions require that all presenters/speakers must include a disclosure slide and learning objectives slide at the beginning of their presentation, stating all real or apparent conflict(s) of interest or lack thereof and verbally notify the audience. Download Slide Template (PPT)


Content for PowerPoint presentations, websites and printed materials should not contain copyright-protected work. However, if the materials are deemed essential, the application of Fair Dealing may apply.

Patient Confidentiality

All presentations must comply with patient confidentiality agreements. Patient names should not be used, and images must not contain identifiable features (e.g., institutional location of scan, date of scan, patient date of birth, MRN, photography that shows facial or other identifiable features etc.).


All presentations must include a minimum of 25% interactivity. This is typically achieved through audience response (polling) and Q&A.

After reviewing the above requirements and ensuring your presentation has included the 2 mandatory slides, please submit your presentation by email to CPD Conference Services


  • If your presentation is too large to submit by email, please use WeTransfer
  • If you have polling questions, please write the question number and slide number in the body of the email so we can ensure they are not missed.
  • Please ensure the title of your presentation file is named: Neurology-firstname-lastname so we are able to easily track it