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Friday November 30, 2018

7:15 Registration and Breakfast
8:00 Intro and Welcome
Sherif El-Defrawy and Allan Slomovic
8:10– 10:40 Co-morbidities: Pearls on common problems the comprehensive ophthalmologist deals with


Moderator: Devesh Varma
Panel: Matt Schlenker, Ike Ahmed, Yvonne Buys

8:10 – 8:17 Pearls on how to manage Phaco challenges encountered in glaucoma patients
Matt Schlenker
8:17 – 8:27 Pearls on MIGS and cataract surgery
Ike Ahmed
8:27 – 8:29 Debate
Audience Poll: My current technique for managing a patient with an occludable angle (with or without a cataract):

  • Phaco/IOL
  • YAG Laser Peripheral Iridotomy
8:29 – 8:39 The best management for the patient with an occludable angle (with or without a cataract) is:
8:29 – 8:34 Phaco/IOL
Devesh Varma
8:34 – 8:39 YAG laser peripheral iridotomy
Yvonne Buys
8:39 – 8:41 Audience Poll: my current technique for managing a patient with an occludable angle (with or without a cataract)

  • Phaco/IOL
  • YAG Laser Peripheral Iridotomy
8:41 – 8:49 Questions and Answers


Moderator: Sherif El-Defrawy
Panel: Bonnie Henderson, Varun Chaudhary, Peng Yan, Radha Kohly

8:49 – 8:59 Pearls on managing patients with cataracts and maculopathy
Varun Chaudhary

  • Does cataract surgery make AMD worse?
  • Timing of cataract surgery and intra-ocular injections.
8:59 – 9:09 Refractive cataract surgery in the setting of macular and/or optic nerve pathology – when is it appropriate to implant a specialty IOL?
Bonnie Henderson

  • Should all patients undergoing cataract surgery have a preoperative OCT?
9:09 – 9:16 Questions and Answers


Moderator: Allan Slomovic
Panel: Terrence O’Brien, Brandon Ayres, Clara Chan, Bonnie Henderson, Jennifer Liao

9:16 – 9:26 Ocular Surface Disease – implications for vision, biometry and speciality IOLs
Terrence O’Brien
9:26 – 9:33 Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy and cataract surgery
Brandon Ayres

  • Pearls for protecting the corneal endothelium during cataract surgery
  • When to do cataract surgery alone vs combined procedure (DMEK, Phaco, IOL)
9:33 – 9:38 Primary Descemetorhexis: A new treatment for Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy
Clara Chan
9:38 – 9:45 Toric IOLs for irregular corneas (Keratoconus, Corneal Transplants, etc.)
Bonnie Henderson
9:45 – 9:52 Tiny hero against the evil axis
Video Presentation
9:52 – 9:59 PROSE lens for irregular corneas
Jennifer Liao
9:59 – 10:09 Questions and Answers

Oculoplastics, Neuro-ophthalomology, and Uveitis

Moderator: Lawrence Weisbrod
Panel: Harmeet Gill, Edsel Ing, Myrna Lichter, Ted Rabinovitch, Marisa Sit

10:09 – 10:15 Pearls for cataract surgery in patients with oculoplastics disease: blocked NLD, ectropion, entropion, ptosis
Harmeet Gill

Neuro-ophthalmology and strabismus

10:15 – 10:24 AION and Strabismus after cataract surgery
Edsel Ing
10:24 – 10:31 Helping marginalized patients access appropriate quality care
Myrna Lichter


10:31 – 10:38 Cataract management in uveitic patients
Ted Rabinovitch
10:38 – 10:43 Questions and Answers
10:43 – 11:23 Break and visit the Exhibits

Incorporating Advanced Technologies and Pharmacology to Optimize Patient Outcomes

Moderator: Rosa Braga-Mele
Panel: Terrence O’Brien, Matt Schlenker, Bonnie Henderson, Steve Arshinoff, Neera Singal

11:24 – 11:26 Debate
Audience poll: FLACS is the future of cataract surgery

  • Yes
  • No
11:26 – 11:33 My current technique and why FLACS is the future of cataract surgery
Terrence O’Brien
11:33 – 11:40 My current technique and why FLACS will never be the future of cataract surgery
Matt Schlenker
11:40 – 11:42 Audience poll: FLACS is the future of cataract surgery

  • Yes
  • No
11:42 – 11:49 Pharmacology – Pre and post Phaco: NSAIDS/Steroids – evidence, when not to use NSAIDS and when to start earlier and extend
Bonnie Henderson
11:49 – 11:56 Strategies to prevent infection
Terrence O’Brien
11:56 – 12:06 Questions and Answers
12:06 – 12:10 Update on EyeVan 5
Steve Arshinoff
12:10 – 1:16 Lunch and visit the Exhibits
Moderator: Jeff Martow
Panel: Dean Ouano, Brandon Ayres, Mitchell Weikert, Devesh Varma, Bonnie Henderson
1:16 – 1:25 This years’ most important paper in cataract surgery and why

  • Dean Ouano
  • Brandon Ayres
  • Mitchell Weikert
1:25 – 1:32 Toric IOL Marking Techniques
Devesh Varma
1:32 – 1:42 Intraoperative Aberrometry. Is this technology the comprehensive ophthalmologist needs to incorporate into their practice
Bonnie Henderson
1:42 – 1:47 Questions and Answers

Challenges and Controversies

Astigmatism Management

Moderator: Kylen McReelis
Panel: Mitchell Weikert, Bonnie Henderson, Georges Durr, Graham Trope

Toric IOL implantation in complicated situations
Bonnie Henderson
1:57 – 2:04 How to optimize Toric IOL implantation outcomes: pearls on biometry calculations and surgical technique
Mitchell Weikert
2:04 – 2:14 Biometry in patients with axial length extremes
Mitchell Weikert
2:14 – 2:19 Nanophthalmos case
Georges Durr
2:19 – 2:26 Strategies for biometric success following excimer laser refractive surgery and radial keratotomy
Mitchell Weikert
2:26 – 2:36 Questions and Answers

Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Moderator: Amandeep Rai
Panel: Mitchell Weikert, Bonnie Henderson, Dean Ouano, Brandon Ayres

2:36 – 2:38 Debate
Audience Poll: The best approach to treating presbyopia is

  • Monovision
  • Trifocal IOL
  • Mixing and matching EDOF, MFIOLs and Trifocals
2:38 – 2:48 My approach to the surgical correction of Presbyopia

  • Preoperative workup (patient selection and who should not have a MF IOL, macular OCT, topography, etc.)
  • Surgical approach (is FLACS important in optimizing outcome)?
  • Postoperative management
    Mitchell Weikert
2:48 – 2:55 Mixing and matching EDOF and MFIOLs and Trifocals
Bonnie Henderson
2:55 – 2:57 Audience Poll: The best approach to treating presbyopia is

  • Monovision
  • Trifocal IOL
  • Mixing and matching EDOF, MFIOLs and Trifocals
2:57 – 3:04 Approach to patients with PXE – small pupil/ zonular weakness
Dean Ouano

  • Would you implant a Toric or presbyopic IOL?
  • Small pupils, IFIS, PXE, iris prolapse
3:04 – 3:11 Cataract surgery in patients with previous retinal surgery (scleral buckles, silicone oil, post vitrectomized eyes)
Brandon Ayres
3:11 – 3:41 Questions and Answers
3:41 – 4:11 Break and visit the Exhibits
Moderator: Joshua Teichman
Panel: Steve Arshinoff, Mitchell Weikert, Brandon Ayres , Bonnie Henderson, Georges Durr
4:11 – 4:21 Black and white cataracts
Steve Arshinoff
4:21 – 4:31 Management of refractive surprises
Mitchell Weikert
4:31 – 4:41 Management of the unhappy MF patient. When to do a YAG PC
Brandon Ayres
4:41 – 4:51 Management of dysphotopsias
Bonnie Henderson
4:51 – 4:56 Case of dysphotopsia. High myope with large pupil
Georges Durr
4:56 – 5:06 Ergonomics
Amandeep Rai
5:06 – 5:16 Questions and Answers

Saturday Dec 1, 2018

7:15 – 8:15 Breakfast with the Experts*

  • Vitrectomy
    George Beiko
  • Customizing your pre/post-op cataract routine
    Bonnie Henderson
  • Management of dislocated/subluxed IOL
    Dean Ouano
  • Yamane technique
    Brandon Ayres
    Terrence O’Brien
  • Astigmatism/biometry
    Mitchell Weikert

*All sessions are currently full. To have your name added to the waitlist, please email with the session you want to attend. You will be contacted should space open up.

Complication Management

Moderators: Ike Ahmed and Sherif El-Defrawy
Panel: Dean Ouano, Brandon Ayres, Rajeev Muni, Mitchell Weikert

8:30 – 8:40 Torn Capsule
Tear in Anterior Capsule
Dean Ouano

  • How to prevent extension to posterior capsule
  • How to rescue a “rogue” anterior capsulorhexis that has a mind and direction of its own
  • Would you put in a specialty lens?
  • If yes, would you do anything different
8:40 – 8:50 Management of posterior capsular tear
Brandon Ayres

  • Approach to unplanned vitrectomy surgery for the anterior segment surgeon
  • Management of the IOL
  • Would you put in a specialty IOL
8:50 – 9:00 Dropped nucleus/dropped IOL
Rajeev Muni

  • Making the best of a bad situation
9:00 – 9:10 Pearls for in the bag IOL exchange
Mitchell Weikert
9:10 – 9:25 Questions and Answers
Moderators: George Beiko and Kylen McReelis
Panel: Terrence O’Brien, Dean Ouano, Nupura Bakshi
9:25 – 9:35 Update on TASS
Terrence O’Brien
9:35 – 9:42 UGH Syndrome (is reverse optic capture a concern)
Dean Ouano
9:42 – 9:49 Atypical corneal infections with cataract surgeries
Terrence O’Brien
9:49 – 9:56 Management of chronic postop inflammation; what to do when the operation was successful and patient still on topical steroids 2 months postop
Nupura Bakshi
9:56 – 10:11 Question & Answers
10:11 – 10:41 Break and visit exhibits

Anterior Segment Reconstruction

Moderators: Amandeep Rai and Lawrence Weisbrod
Panel: Brandon Ayres, Dean Ouano, Ike Ahmed

10:41 – 10:51 Dislocated IOL
Double Needle (Yamane) technique – posterior chamber IOLs in the absence of capsular support
Brandon Ayres
10:51 – 11:01 As comprehensive ophthalmologist what are my options in the face of insufficient posterior capsular support: leave the eye aphakic and refer, sew in a PC IOL, Scleral Fixate a PC IOL, AC IOL
Dean Ouano
11:01 – 11:11 Panel Discussion – Is ACIOL still an option?
11:11 – 11:21 How to repair an abnormal iris (from polycoria to a totally absent iris)
Ike Ahmed
11:21 – 11:31 Questions & Answers

Controversial Issues

Moderators: Joshua Teichman and Jeff Martow
Panel: Terrence O’Brien, Brandon Ayres, Dean Ouano, Bonnie Henderson, Mitchell Weikert

11:31 – 11:40 Advanced surface ablation as a tool to improve satisfaction in pseudophakia
Terrence O’Brien
11:40 – 11:47 How far is too far with anterior vitrectomy
Brandon Ayres
11:47 – 11:54 Innovative IOL technology. Postoperative non-invasive modifying the refractive power and focal point(s) of the intraocular lens
Terrence O’Brien
11:54 – 12:09 Questions and Answers
12:09 – 12:39 A potpourri of Interesting Cases (including unusual UGH syndromes and upside down ACIOLs and PCIOLs)
Dean Ouano and Panel
12:39 – 12:45 Conclusion, Evaluations
Meeting Adjourned