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CPD 2015 Organizational Chart
  • Accreditation
  • Administration
  • Business Development
  • Event Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Innovations & Education
  • Standardized Patient Program
  • Peter Azmi MSc, PhD
    Business Development
  • Lina Baltakys
    Financial and Operations Assistant
  • Anna Banerji O.Ont MD MPH FRCPC DTM&H
    Director, Global and Indigenous Health
  • Andrea Barkley
    Event Planner
  • Stacie Bellemare MEd CMP
    Event Planner
  • Nancy Bush
    Event Planner
  • Teresinha Costa
    Graphics Coordinator
  • Trevor Cuddy BCom BA MEd
    Director, CPD Portfolio
  • Michael DiPaul
    Project Coordinator
  • Karma Farah
    Accreditation Coordinator
  • Colin Fleming
    Financial Officer
  • Nadiia Fokina
    Administrative Assistant
  • Sandra Gauci CMP
    Event Planner
  • Natalie Halsband CMP
    Event Planner
  • Vashty Hawkins
    Administrative Assistant
  • Kate Hodgson DVM MHSc CCMEP
    Education Consultant
  • Renice Jones MBA
    Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Melissa Lau
    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Alison Lind CMP
    Business Development Coordinator
  • Cathy Middleton
    Event Planner
  • Joanne O‚ÄôReilly
    Business Systems/Project Manager
  • Stefan Powell MIS
    Information Services Specialist
  • Suzan Schneeweiss MD MEd FRCPC
    Associate Dean CPD
  • Salvatore M. Spadafora MD FRCPC MHPE
    Vice Dean, Post MD Education (PGME & CPD)
  • Jane Tipping MADEd
    Education Consultant