Dr. Doug Wooster
Dr. Doug Wooster in his office

Lifelong Dedication to CPD Recognized

The Colin Woolf Award is in recognition of a significant long term contribution to continuing professional development. This year’s recipient, Dr. Doug Wooster, has been actively involved in CE for more than 20 years. He has made CPD a major focus of his academic career and has been at the forefront of program development and assessment. He has served on numerous CPD related committees locally, nationally and internationally and has mentored many students through CPD related research and scholarly projects.

A specialist in vascular surgery, Dr. Wooster has been actively involved with the coordination of Toronto Vascular Meetings including the Toronto Endovascular Conference (TEC) and the Vascular Imaging Toronto Meetings (VITO) for many years.

VITO is the only Annual Vascular Ultrasound course in Canada, and it has been in existence for 13 years. It is an interprofessional program attracting technologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, neurologists and cardiologists from across Canada and internationally. It has been organized by Dr. Wooster to include innovative teaching strategies, including point counter point presentation format, and self-assessment modules. Dr. Wooster has also been the primary innovator of the “Point-Counterpoint Strategy” for presentations at numerous vascular surgery society meetings across North America.

TEC, also organized by Dr. Wooster for the past 5 years, is the only Endovascular Program aimed at engaging faculty and registrants in collaborative clinical and research projects by addressing questions from practice and developing an endovascular research agenda. TEC has utilized innovative teaching strategies and engages registrants from multiple disciplines from across Canada.

These courses have been highly successful throughout Canada and have made a mark in the vascular physiology communities. Dr. Wooster’s dedication has helped to place University of Toronto on the map for Vascular Imaging. The Society of Vascular Surgery and the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery have also recognized his leadership in continuing education.

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