Welcome to the CACAP 2015 Online Review Course!

The CACAP Review Course has leading content experts from across Canada providing comprehensive overviews of major topic areas. We are very fortunate that a wide range of excellent speakers who presented at our first live 2013 Review Course allowed us to audio and video-tape them in order to create this online review course resource.

This online review begins with an overview on how to approach short-answer questions, as writing short answer questions is a skill in and of itself. The topic areas that follow provide a comprehensive overview of child and adolescent psychiatry that highlight the main areas of testable knowledge according to the Objectives of Training (OTR) set out by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. As you go through the course materials, you will be able to download the slides and listen to the audio and video taped presentations. Both English and French language translated versions of the presentations are available. In addition, short answer questions developed by our speakers along with answers are provided as part of the review course material. And finally, suggested references provided by our speakers are also part of the course materials.

We wish you success as you prepare for the Royal College subspecialty exams in September 2015.

Suneeta Monga, MD, FRCPC
Chair, Review Course Committee,
Canadian Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
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