Thursday, January 25, 2018

Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers.

0700 Light Breakfast & Registration
0815 Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Dr. Robert James Cusimano
0830 Are All Cardiac Myxomas the Same Pathologic Entity?
Dr. Jagdish Butany
0910 Carney’s Complex – What You May Not Know
Dr. Karen Gomez
0950 Panel Discussion
1015 BREAK
1030 Echo Evaluation in Cardiac Myxomas & Tumours – Advantages over X-Rays and Magnets
Dr. Loretta Daniel
1110 CT & MRI in Diagnosis of Cardiac Myxoma
Dr. Bernd Wintersperger
1150 Panel Discussion
1215 LUNCH
1300 Minimally-Invasive Approaches to Cardia Tumours – The Myxoma Experience
Dr. Denis Bouchard
1340 Cardiac Myxoma – The Indian Experience and the Importance of Resection Margin
Dr. Gayathri Prashant Amonkar
1420 Panel Discussion
1445 BREAK
1500 Is Myxoma Always an Emergency – Can We Wait on Left-Sided Lesions?
Dr. Douglas Johnston
1540 What To Do When It Is Not a Myxoma – Intraoperative Strategies for Surprises
Dr. Michael Reardon
1620 Panel Discussion
1645 Adjournment