Friday, February 23, 2024

8:00 Registration & Breakfast
8:50 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Cardiology – Latest Care
Session Chair: Jay Udell
9:00 ACC/AHA Coronary Disease Guideline Overview
Lucas Godoy
9:25 Atrial Fibrillation – Spontaneous and Postop: When to Anticoagulate, Ablate or Use Drugs
Andrew Ha
9:50 Finerinone – Utility in Heart Failure and Diabetes/Cardiometabolic
Jordan Weinstein
10:15 The Importance of Sleep Apnea in Heart Failure Care
John Floras
10:40 Panel Q&A Discussion
11:05 Break & Exhibits
AI in the Delivery of Cardiovascular Care
Session Chair: Bo Wang
11:15 Introduction to AI in Cardiology, How to Train an Actionable AI Model
Zachi Attia
11:50 AI-Assisted Detection, Evaluation, and Management of Cardiac Disease: The Paradigm of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Kostas Siontis
12:25 Evaluating Medical AI Tools in Prospective Clinical Trials
Peter Noseworthy
1:00 Lunch & Exhibits
Cardiovascular Nursing and Pharmacology
Session Chair: Sean Balmain
1:40 Cannabis Use: A New Risk Behaviour Among Adults With Congenital Heart Disease
Barb Bailey
2:05 Improving Cardiac Surgery Outcomes through Targeted Frailty Interventions
Shereli Soldevilla
2:30 Drugs in Cardiovascular Disease: GLP-1, SGLT2i, Lipid-Lowering
Peter Lin
2:55 Panel Q&A Discussion
3:20 Break & Exhibits
3:30 Day 1 Summary
Peter Lin
4:00 Day 1 Adjourns