Conference Content

730 Registration and Breakfast
800 Opening Remarks
Ike Ahmed

Session 1. Cataract Surgery within a Healthcare System in Flux

805 Working within the System
Sherif El-Defrawy
815 The Private OR Setting
Richard Bains
825 What Is The Role for Industry?
Lorenzo Santini
835 OMA Section of Ophthalmology Report
Kylen McReelis
845 Panel Discussion/Audience Q&A

Session 2. POV on Intracameral Antibiotics

900 Introduction
Ike Ahmed
905 “Why I Use Intracameral Antibiotics Routinely Today” Yes
Steve Arshinoff
915 “Why I Use Intracameral Antibiotics Routinely Today” No
Devesh Varma
925 Response
Steve Arshinoff
930 Response
Devesh Varma
935 Panel Discussion/Audience Q&A
945 Break and Exhibits

Session 3. Some Simple Pearls that Can Make a Big Difference

1015 Why and How to Clean Lens Epithelial Cells (LECs)
Steve Safran
1025 Hydrodissesion and Delineation — Making Life Easier
Ike Ahmed
1035 Phaco’ing the Catarock
Steve Safran
1045 The Wong Incision
Paul Sanghera
1055 The Post-Injection/Vitrectomized Eye
Steve Safran
1105 Efficient Nuclear Removal
Eric Tam
1115 Panel Discussion/Audience Q&A

Session 4. POV on Femtosecond Cataract Surgery

1135 Introduction
Baseer Khan
1140 “Femtosecond Cataract Surgery is Beneficial vs Manual” Yes
Raj Maini
1150 “Femtosecond Cataract Surgery is Beneficial vs Manual” No
Steve Safran
1200 Response
Raj Maini
1205 Response
Steve Safran
1210 Panel Discussion/Audience Q&A
1220 Lunch and Exhibits

SESSION 5. Picking the Right IOL for The Right Patient with the Right Result

1325 IOL Calculations 101
Rhonda Waldron
1340 Office Diagnostics for IOL Calcs and Selection: What Do I Really Need?
Devesh Varma
1350 A Better Understanding of IOL Dysphotopsia
Steve Safran
1400 My Threshold for Torics
Baseer Khan
1415 Multifocals, Trifocals, EDoF and Accommodating IOLs
Ike Ahmed, Basser Khan, Steve Safran
1430 An Interactive Case Discussion of IOL Choices

SESSION 6. Challenging and Complicated Cases with Discussion

Panelists: Steve Arshinoff, Steve Safran, Eugene Liu, Ted Rabinovitch

1450 The Patient with “Perfect Surgery” with Postop Pain and Irritation
1500 Intraoperative Management of an Anterior Capsule Tear
1510 Intraoperative Management of a Posterior Capsule Tear
1520 Intraoperative Management of Iris Problems
1530 No Capsule Support: ACIOL vs Sutured IOL vs Leave Aphakic and Refer
1540 Refractive Surprise after Routine Surgery
1550 Additional Audience Q&A
1600 Adjourn