7:00 Registration & Breakfast

Section 1: Cataract Surgery in the New World

8:00 Opening Remarks
Ike Ahmed
8:05 EPSO’s Perspective
Richard Weinstein
8:20 From Private to Academia Perspective
Guillermo Rocha
8:35 The Careful Balancing Act
Chryssa McAlister
8:50 Panel/Audience Q&A

Section 2: Technology Adaptation in Cataract Surgery

9:05 Topography
Guillermo Rocha
9:25 Monofocal IOLs
Joshua Teichman
9:35 Trifocal IOLs
Kathy Cao
9:45 Light Adjustable IOLs
Baseer Khan
9:55 EDOF IOLs
Devesh Varma
10:05 Latest on Intracameral Antibiotics
Steve Arshinoff
10:15 Panel/Audience Q&A
10:40 BREAK

Section 3: Choosing the Best Range of Vision IOL in Special Situations

11:10 Corneal Disease
Clara Chan
11:20 Post-Refractive
Guillermo Rocha
11:30 Glaucoma
Toby Chan
11:40 Diabetes
Nima Noordeh
11:50 Macular Degeneration
Gary Yau
12:00 Pediatric Eyes
Kamiar Mireskandari
12:10 Zonulopathy
Sultan Aldrees
12:20 Panel/Audience Q&A
12:40 LUNCH

Section 4: Was it Me? The Patient? The Surgery?

1:40 Diplopia after Cataract Surgery
Andrew Budning
1:50 Astigmatism after Cataract Surgery
Guillermo Rocha
2:00 NAION after Cataract Surgery
Rahul Sharma
2:10 CME after Cataract Surgery
Radha Kholy
2:20 Panel/Audience Q&A
2:30 Glaucoma after Cataract Surgery
Ike Ahmed
2:40 Ptosis after Cataract Surgery
Michelle Khan
2:50 Endophthalmitis after Cataract Surgery
David Wong
3:00 Panel/Audience Q&A

Section 5: Weird and Wacky Scenarios with Faculty

3:20 IOL Calcification
3:30 The Toughest Phaco
3:40 PC Rent Gone Wild
3:50 Panel/Audience Q&A
4:00 Closing Remarks