Saturday January 14, 2023

700 Registration & Breakfast

SESSION 1: Ophthalmology Update

800 Welcome/Opening Remarks
Ike Ahmed
805 Chair’s Update
Sherif El-Defrawy
815 EPSO Update
Rich Weinstein
825 Audience Questions
830 Starting Practice in a Pandemic
Michelle Khan
840 AION and Cataract Surgery
Rahul Sharma
850 Review of Topography for the Cataract Surgeon
Joshua Teichman
900 Current Issues in ISBCS
Steve Arshinoff
910 Comparing the Efficacy of the Different Methods of Injecting IC Moxifloxacin for Prophylaxis
Steve Arshinoff
920 Panel Discussion / Q&A
930 Break with Exhibitors

SESSION 2: Latest IOL Technologies

1000 KEYNOTE: Intraocular Lens Technology Overview
Morgan Micheletti
1030 Panel Discussion / Q&A
1035 Case Based Approach to Presbyopia
Ike Ahmed, Steve Arshinoff, Anuj Bhargava, Kathy Cao, Irfan Kherani, Amandeep Rai
1110 Panel Discussion / Q&A
1115 Case Based IOL Selection in Eyes with Comorbid Conditions
Ike Ahmed, Radha Kohly, Shelly Herzig, Angela Zhang, Ray Stein, Amandeep Rai
1200 Lunch Break with Exhibitors

SESSION 3: Managing Unexpected IOL Outcomes

1300 Managing the Ocular Surface
Clara Chan
1310 Negative Dysphotopsia: Diagnosis to management
Matt Schlenker
1320 Positive Dysphotopsia: Diagnosis to management
Lorenz Kuske
1330 Refractive Error: Etiology to management
Amandeep Rai
1340 Panel Discussion / Q&A
1345 Surgical Video Session & Discussion
(IOL exchange, punch and rescue, dead bag syndrome, secondary IOLs, etc)
Morgan Micheletti
1430 Break with Exhibitors

SESSION 4: Weird and Wacky IOLs

1500 5 Mystery Cases
Ike Ahmed & Panel
1550 Panel Discussion / Q&A