The Temerty Faculty of Medicine's Environmental Lecture Series

Health (human and planetary) and the Existential Threat of the Anthropocene

February 14 to April 4, 2023


To be delivered in two parts, this first lecture series will draw attention to the destructive force of the Anthropocene and its impact on species loss, climate change, human health, and planetary health, while the second series will explore answers to these problems. A nutrition symposium will follow the lecture series and highlight the need for dietary change as a way to address planetary health.

Presenting on a variety of topics in this first series will be academics and leaders in journalism, advocacy, and beyond. Over the course of 8 lectures freely open to the public, our experts will shed light on the environmental and health consequences caused by the current rate of resource loss, overpopulation, overconsumption, and industrialization.

Our goal is to raise awareness of human-caused damage to the health of the planet and encourage productive dialogue. Throughout the series, we hope to engage physicians in conversations surrounding planetary health, as well as inform the general public, political representatives, and health professionals of current challenges and potential solutions. We hope you will join us. Registration is free and now open.