Thursday, April 19, 2018

University of Toronto Surgical Skills Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue, Sub Basement 2nd floor
Lab Day limited enrollment, please visit:

0700 Registration and breakfast
Grant Room
0725 Welcome
Johnny Lau
0730 Lateral ligament reconstruction – Brostrum, P-Roll, Percutaneous?
Johnny Lau, Mark Glazebrook, Johnathan Deland

Wet Lab

0800 Lateral ligament reconstruction
1015 Break
Grant Room
1030 MIS calcaneal osteotomy
Alastair Younger

Wet Lab

1045 MIS calcaneal osteotomy
Grant Room
1215 Working Lunch

  • Cadence
    Tim Daniels
  • Prophecy and Infinity

Wet Lab

Room split equally between Cadence and Prophecy. Groups switch at break

1315 Cadence and Prophecy
1515 Break
1530 Cadence and Prophecy

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St W, Toronto
Dominion Ballroom Foyer

0700 Breakfast and registration
0750 Welcoming remarks
Tim Daniels and Johnny Lau

Professor’s rounds

(session case presentations and discussion with audience)
Moderator – Johnny Lau

0800 Discussions by the water cooler
Panel discussion with audienceAnish Kadakia, Kevin Wing, Karl-Andre Lalonde, Jeremy McCormick, Murray Penner, Jonathan Deland, Marcus Knupp, Selene Parekh, Johnny Lau, Thomas Lee
0900 Mistakes I never want to make again
Panel – Tim Daniels, Mark Glazebrook, Bryce Henderson, Sheldon Lin, Jeremy McCormack, Karl-Andre Lalonde, Warren Latham, Alistair Younger, Johnathan Deland
Continuation of plenary session into group session
Group to break out into 5 break-out sessions

  1. Alistair Younger, Thomas Lee, Selene Parekh
  2. Marcus Knupp, Murray Penner, Monica Volesky
  3. Tim Daniels, Ruth Chaytor, Karl-Andre Lalonde
  4. Jonathan Deland, Anish Kadakia, Johnny Lau
  5. Warren Latham, Kevin Wing, Sheldon Lin
  6. Peter Dryden, Mark Glazebrook, Jeremy McCormick
1000 Break
Moderator – Tim Daniels
(session incorporates current patients, panel discussion and a continuous interactivity with audience throughout)
1015 Patient presentation
Panel – Anish Kadakia, Johnathan Deland, Selene Parekh, Murray Penner, Stepahne Leduc, Johnny Lau, Peter Dryden, Marcus Knupp, Thomas Lee, Andrea Veljkovic
1130 Lunch

Foot & Ankle Debates

Moderator – Gordon Goplen

1230 Lis Franc and midfoot fractures – primary fusion vs ORIF
Alistair Younger, Stephane Leduc, Murray Penner, Anish Kadakia, B.A. Petrisor, Andrea Veljkovic, Ian Russell, Bryce Henderson
1300 Ankle fusion vs ankle replacement
Tim Daniels, Deland, Mark Glazebrook, Peter Dryden, Marcus Knupp, Thomas Lee, Selene Parekh, Kevin Wing
1330 Flat foot surgery – fusion vs extra-articular reconstruction
Johnathan Deland, Ansih Kadakia, Sara Lyn Miniaci, Sheldon Lin, Albert Yee, Karl-Andre Lalonde, Warren Latham, Dmitry Tsvetkov
1400 Calcaneal fractures – ORIF vs non-operative management
Richard E. Buckley, Johnny Lau, Stephane Leduc, David Stephen, Xing, Dodd, Peter Dryden, Angela Scharfenberger
1500 Break


(each topic will include a case presentation, panel discussion and a minimum of 10 min interactivity with audience)
Moderator – Ruth Chaytor

1515 The role of minimally invasive forefoot surgery
Presenting Case: Johnny Lau
Panel: Xing, Marcus Knupp, Mark Glazebrook, Alistair Younger
1545 Hallux valgus correction – so many options, what do I chose?
Presenting Case: Tim Daniels
Panel: Anish Kadakia, Alistair Younger, Puna, Murrary Penner
1615 Freibergs and Sesamoid pathology – the role of arthroplasty
Presenting Case: Alistair Younger
Panel: Tim Daniels, Jeremy Lamothe, Sheldon Lin, Peterson
1630 Lesser MTPJ instability – plantar plate repair (benefits and pitfalls)
Presenting Case: Selene Parekh
Panel: Jeremy McCormack, Warren Latham, Andrea Veljovick, Krishna Maragh
1700 Hallux rigidus – cheilectomy, arthroplasty or fusion
Karl-Andre Lalonde
Panel: Johnny Lau, Thomas Lee, Elizabeth Pederson, Selene Parekh
1730 End of Day
1900 Social Evening at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mini Surgical Fellowship

(each topic will consist of 10 min presentation and 5 min Q&A with the audience)
Moderator – Monica Volesky

0800 Supramalleolar osteotomies
Marcus Knupp
0815 Multi-ligament ankle instability reconstruction – no deltoild or lateral ligament?
Anish Kadakia
0830 MIS forefoot reconstruction
Alistair Younger
0845 MIS calcaneal osteotomy
Andrea Veljkovic
0900 MIS ORIF calcaneus fracture
Richard E. Buckley
0915 MIS lateral ligament reconstruction
Mark Glazebrook
0930 Case presentation and panel discussion with audience: Minimally vs. Maximally invasive surgery
1000 Break

Case presentation and panel discussion with audience: Varia

(each topic will consist of 10 min presentation and 5 min Q&A with the audience)
Moderator – Tim Daniels

1030 AOFAS future directions
Thomas Lee
1050 COA future directions
Mark Glazebrook
1110 The OOA – what can it do for Ontario orthopaedics and subspecialty care
S. Papp
1130 Central intake clinics and dundled care – the future of MSK care in Ontario?
J. Waddell
1215 Lunch

Case presentation and panel discussion with audience: Trauma and post-traumatic ankle arthritis

(each topic will consist of 10 min presentation and 5 min Q&A with the audience)
Moderator – TBA

1315 Posterior Malleolus: When to fix?
Marcus Knupp
1330 Ankle syndesmosis fixation: Tips, tricks
Johnny Lau
1350 How has my management of calcaneal fractures evolved – evidence based or Gestalt
Richard E. Buckley
1415 Ankle arthroscopy for ankle fractures
Anish Kadakia
1430 Break

Case presentation and panel discussion with audience: Ankle arthritis

(each topic will consist of 10 min presentation and 5 min Q&A with the audience)
Moderator – TBA

1500 40 years, male, weekend warrior with moderate ankle arthritis: osteotomy, scope, PRP, hyuluronic acid?
Jeremy McCormick
1520 My approach to the management of the severe flat foot deformity
Johnathan Deland
1545 Ankle replacement – when is it the standard of care?
Murray Penner
1600 Conclusion
1615 End of day

Join the Hands On Cadaver Lab!

We heard your feedback. Back by popular demand! Join our Hands on Cadaver Lab held at the University of Toronto Surgical Skills Centre on April 19, 2018, led by members of the Canadian Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society. The day will incorporate the practical application of this year’s hot topics: latest techniques in ankle arthroplasty and Minimally invasive foot surgery. Limited enrollment.