This symposium has incorporated a minimum of 25% interactive Q&A period in every speaker presentation. To further increase opportunities for engagement, the conference committee is providing online tools that allow for the submission of questions and comments from participants.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

A national panel of Canadian experts from coast to coast will be offering an accredited surgical hands-on teaching lab at the Mount Sinai Hospital Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Our surgical lab meeting will focus on minimally invasive (MIS) foot surgery, and ankle replacement. This will be a fully accredited hands-on surgical lab with one-on-one teaching by expert faculty. Additional registration required, enrollment limited.

Friday, April 1, 2022

0645 Breakfast and registration
0725 Welcome remarks
Tim Daniels and Johnny Lau
Professor’s Rounds
0730 Discussions by the Water Cooler
Panel: James Keith DeOrio, Alastair Younger, Karl-Andre Lalonde, Paul Fortin, Lew Schon, Melissa Laflamme, Johnny Lau, Rebecca Cerrato, Rachael Da Cunha
0830 5 Break-out Sessions

  1. Alastair Younger, Kevin Wing
  2. Tim Daniels, Rebecca Cerrato, Karl-Andre Lalonde
  3. Rachael Da Cunha, Lew Schon, Johnny Lau
  4. Warren Latham,
    Melissa Laflamme
  5. Paul Fortin, Mark Glazebrook, James Keith DeOrio
0915 Coffee break
Foot & Ankle Debates – Moderator – Gordon Goplen
0930 Minimally invasive forefoot surgery vs open
Warren Latham, Rebecca Cerrato vs Johnny Lau, Lew Schon
0950 Post-traumatic arthritis in the middle-aged patient: ankle osteotomy vs. ankle fusion vs. ankle replacement?
Mark Glazebrook, Alastair Younger vs Tim Daniels, James Keith DeOrio, TBA
1010 Biologics: Inject or not inject?
Melissa Laflamme, Lew Schon vs Sam Park, Alastair Younger
1030 Ankle fractures in elderly patients: ORIF vs. primary fusion?
Kevin Wing, Rachel Da Cunha vs Paul Fortin, Warren Latham
Diabetic Foot – Moderator – Ruth Chaytor
1045 What has changed in the last 20 years?
Lew Schon
1105 The role of MIS in charcot arthropathy reconstructions?
Warren Latham
1125 Non-operative management of diabetic foot wounds Karen Cross
1145 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience End of academic accredited sessions
1200 Lunch with exhibitors
1830 Conference social

Saturday, April 2, 2022

0730 Breakfast and registration
Mini Surgical Fellowship – Moderator – Rachael Da Cunha
0800 The total talus – techniques, and indications
James Keith DeOrio
0815 Extensile anteromedial approach to the ankle
Tim Daniels
0830 How do I scope joints in the midfoot / forefoot
Alastair Younger
0845 Anthroscopic ankle ligament repair
0900 My method of performing supra-malleolar osteotomies
Paul Fortin
0915 Subtalar approach to calcaneal fractures
Lew Schon
0930 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience
1000 Coffee break
Forefoot “My Approach” – Moderator- Peter Dryden
1030 Total ankle anthroplasty – 10-year follow-up
1045 It is just a bunionette Melissa Laflamme
1100 Minimally invasic bunion surgery
Rebecca Cerrato
1115 Proximal MT osteotomies for Hallux Valgus – Does rotation matter?
Murray Penner
1130 The Rheumatoid Forefoot – what has changed?
Alastair Younger
1150 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience
1200 Lunch with exhibitors
Arthritis and Deformity – Moderator – Elizabeth Pederson
1300 Pes Cavus reconstruction – when to perform a hindfoot / midfoot fusion vs osteotomies & tendon transfers
Lew Schon
1315 Multidirectional ankle instability with the anterior/posterior translated talus – What to do in TAR’S?
Tim Daniels
1330 To fuse or not to fuse? When is ok to perform an arthrodesis in the pediatric foot? Maryse Bouchard
1345 Bizarre ankle deformities now being treated with ankle replacement
James Keith DeOrio
1400 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience
1430 Coffee break
Trauma – Moderator – Ian Russell
1500 Salvage of the severely mangled leg
Andrew Dodd
1515 Ankle fractures with acute OCD, bone bruise – Evidence-based approach
Sam Park
1530 Navicular stress fractures
Johnny Lau
1545 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience
Varia – Moderator – Sam Park
1600 The adult manifestation of childhood foot and ankle disorders
Paul Fortin
1615 Foot and ankle screening program – Effective?
Johnny Lau
1630 The most substantial changes in practise during my career?
James Keith DeOrio
1645 The role of social media in the delivery of surgical care?
Kevin Wing and Johnny Lau
1700 Interactive case discussion btw panel and audience
1730 Adjourn