2019 Agenda

Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers. Presentations will be designed to incorporate an audience response system.

Friday, September 20

Time Title
0715 Registration and Continental Breakfast
0755 Welcome and Introduction
Alan Moody, Kartik Jhaveri

Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging
Hepatobiliary Session

Moderator: Kartik Jhaveri

0800 HCC
Hyun-Jung Jang
0830 Liver metastasis
Kartik Jhaveri
0900 Pancreatic adeno
Jennifer Sammon
0930 Pancreatic cystic masses
Luis Guimaraes
1000 Refreshment Break

GU Cancer Session

Moderator: Martin O’Malley

1015 Imaging of cholangiocarcinoma
Ania Kielar
1045 Prostate MRI
Sangeet Ghai
1115 Imaging of TCC
Martin O’Malley
1145 PET utilization in GU malignancies
Ur Metser
1215 Special Lunch Session by The Canadian Association of Radiologists: CAR Working For You: the National Impact for Radiology
Michael Barry
(Lunch Provided)

Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics
Special Session

Moderator: Masoom Haider

1330 AI and Medical Imaging; The Next 5 years
Masoom Haider
1410 Liver and Breast Cancer Applications
Anne Martel
1435 Getting Started on Your First Machine Learning Pipeline in the World of Mi-Al
Pascal Tyrrell
1500 Panel Discussion
All speakers
1515 Refreshment Break

Gynecology Cancer Session

Moderator: Mostafa Atri

1530 Imaging of RCC and its mimics
Christopher Lim
1600 MRI of cervical cancer
Mostafa Atri
1630 Uterine cancer
Dilkash Kajal
1700 Ovarian malignancies
Hournaz Ghandehari
1730 Adjourn

Saturday, September 21

Time Title
0730 Continental Breakfast

GI Cancer Session

Moderator: Myles Margolis

0800 Esophageal cancer imaging
Patrik Rogalla
0830 Colon cancer imaging
Tanya Chawla
0900 Rectal cancer MRI
Seng Thipphavong
0930 Neuroendocrine cancer imaging
Myles Margolis
1000 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Korosh Khalili
1015 Imaging of adrenal masses
Caitlin McGregor
1045 Tips and tricks for diagnosing abdominal soft tissue tumors
Korosh Khalili
1115 Lymphomas
Sarah Johnson
1145 Pitfalls in cancer imaging
Errol Colak
1215 Lunch (on your own)

Cardiothoracic Session

Moderator: Anastasia Oikonomou

1330 Staging lung cancer: what is new in the 8th edition?
Gauri Karur
1400 Lung cancer screening: where are we now?
Micheal McInnis
1430 Pulmonary neuroendocrine neoplasms
Jennifer Fratesi
1500 Imaging of mediastinal tumors
Lancia Guo
1530 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Micheal McInnis
1545 Cardiac tumors / masses: the role of CT and MRI
Laura Jimenez-Juan
1615 Patterns of drug toxicity in the era of immunotheraphy
John Kavanagh
1645 Imaging radiation-induced lung injury (RILI)
Lan-Chau Kha
1715 Adjourn

Sunday, September 22

Time Title
0730 Continental Breakfast

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Moderator: Robert Bleakney

0800 Pitfalls in Imaging of Musculoskeletal Tumors
Ali Naraghi
0835 Plain Radiography of Bone Lesions
Rakesh Mohankumar
0910 Imaging of Intraarticular Masses
Robert Bleakney
0945 Panel Discussion / Q&A
1000 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Dr. Linda Probyn
1015 Stress Fractures and Atypical Femoral Fractures
Linda Probyn
1050 Bone Scan: Everything else but the bones
Ravi Mohan
1125 Musculoskeletal Cases
Angela Atinga
1200 Panel Discussion / Q&A
1215 Lunch (on your own)


Moderator: Laila Alshafai

1330 Case based approach to pediatric brain tumours
Suzanne Laughlin
1400 Tumours of the Parasellar Region
Walter Kucharczyk
1430 Case-Based Approach to Pediatric spine tumours
Helen Branson
1500 Adult spine tumours
Pejman Maralani
1530 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Matylda Machnowska
1545 Tumour Challenge: Mimics
Matylda Machnowska
1615 Case-Based Evaluation of Perineural spread
Eugene Yu
1645 Case-based Post-oncology treatment findings
Laila Alshafai
1715 Adjourn