Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers. Presentations will be designed to incorporate an audience response system.

Friday, September 20

Time Title
7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
7:55 Welcome and Introduction
Alan Moody, Kartik Jhaveri

Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging
Hepatobiliary Session

Moderator: Kartik Jhaveri

8:00 HCC
Hyun-Jung Jang
8:30 Liver metastasis
Kartik Jhaveri
9:00 Pancreatic adeno CA
Jennifer Sammon
9:30 Pancreatic cystic masses
Luis Guimaraes
10:00 Refreshment Break

GU Cancer Session

Moderator: Martin O’Malley

10:15 Imaging of cholangiocarcinoma
Ania Kielar
10:45 Prostate MRI
Sangeet Ghai
11:15 Imaging of TCC
Martin O’Malley
11:45 PET utilization in GU malignancies
Ur Metser
12:15 Special Lunch Session by The Canadian Association of Radiologists
Michael Barry
(Lunch Provided)

Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics
Special Session

Moderator:  Masoom Haider

13:30 AI and Medical Imaging; The Next 5 years
Masoom Haider
14:10 Liver and Breast Cancer Applications
Anne Martel
14:35 Getting Started on Your First Machine Learning Pipeline in the World of Mi-Al
Pascal Tyrrell
15:00 Panel Discussion
All speakers
15:15 Refreshment Break

Gynecology Cancer Session

Moderator: Mostafa Atri

15:30 Imaging of RCC and its mimics
Christopher Lim
16:00 MRI of cervical cancer
Mostafa Atri
16:30 Uterine cancer
Dilkash Kajal
17:00 Ovarian malignancies
Hournaz Ghandehari
17:15 Adjourn

Saturday, September 21

Time Title
7:30 Continental Breakfast

GI Cancer Session

Moderator: Myles Margolis

8:00 Esophageal cancer imaging
Patrik Rogalla
8:30 Colon cancer imaging
Tanya Chawla
9:00 Rectal cancer MRI
Seng Thipphavong
9:30 Neuroendocrine cancer imaging
Myles Margolis
10:00 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Korosh Khalili
10:15 Imaging of adrenal masses
Caitlin McGregor
10:45 Tips and tricks for diagnosing abdominal soft tissue tumors
Korosh Khalili
11:15 Lymphomas
Sarah Johnson
11:45 Pitfalls in cancer imaging
Errol Colak
12:15 Lunch (on your own)

Cardiothoracic Session

Moderator: Anastasia Oikonomou

13:30 Staging lung cancer: what is new in the 8th edition?
Gauri Karur
14:00 Lung cancer screening:  where are we now?
Micheal McInnis
14:30 Pulmonary neuroendocrine neoplasms
Jennifer Fratesi
15:00 Imaging of mediastinal tumors
Lancia Guo
15:30 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Micheal McInnis
15:45 Cardiac tumors / masses:  the role of CT and MRI
Laura Jimenez-Juan
16:15 Patterns of drug toxicity in the era of immunotheraphy
John Kavanagh
16:45 Imaging radiation-induced lung injury (RILI)
Lan-Chau Kha
17:15 Adjourn

Sunday, September 22

Time Title
7:30 Continental Breakfast

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Moderator: Robert Bleakney

8:00 Pitfalls in Imaging of Musculoskeletal Tumors
Ali Naraghi
8:35 Plain Radiography of Bone Lesions
Rakesh Mohankumar
9:10 Imaging of Intraarticular Masses
Robert Bleakney
9:45 Panel Discussion / Q&A

10:00 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Dr. Linda Probyn
10:15 Stress Fractures and Atypical Femoral Fractures
Linda Probyn
10:50 TBA

11:25 Musculoskeletal Cases
Lawrence White
12:00 Panel Discussion / Q&A
12:15 Lunch (on your own)


Moderator: Laila Alshafai

13:30 Case-Based Approach to Adult brain tumours
Richard Aviv
14:00 Tumours of the Parasellar Region
Walter Kucharczyk
14:30 Case-Based Approach to Pediatric spine tumours
Helen Branson
15:00 Adult spine tumours
Pejman Maralani
15:30 Refreshment Break
Moderator: Matylda Machnowska
15:45 Tumour Challenge: Mimics
Matylda Machnowska
16:15 Case-Based Evaluation of Perineural spread
Eugene Yu
16:45 Case-based Post-cancer treatment findings
Laila Alshafai
17:15 Adjourn