2015 Pathology Update Agenda

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Friday, November 13, 2015

0715 Registration and Breakfast
0750 Welcome
Dr. Richard Hegele
Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Session 1
0800 Challenges in Subtyping Endometrial Carcinomas: Getting it Right and Why it Matters
Dr. Anna Plotkin
0830 Bladder Biopsies – Issues
Dr. Andrew Evans
0900 Panel Discussion
0915 Break
Session 2
0930 Traps in the Immunohistochemical Work-up of Spindle Cell Tumours
Dr. Brendan Dickson
1000 Maintaining Quality in IHC
Dr. Emina Torlakovic
1030 Immunohistochemical Work-up of Carcinoma of Unknown Origin
Dr. Jay Conner
1100 Panel Discussion

Session 3
1230 Interpretive Error Reduction
Dr. Raouf Nakhleh
1310 QIIP Program Sponsored by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Dr. John Srigley
1330 Quality Management Partnership in Ontario
Dr. Katherine Chorneyko
1350 Panel Discussion
1430 Break
Session 4
1500 A Series of Unfortunate Events: Subterfuge, Artifice, and Contrivance in Cytopathology
Dr. Scott Boerner
1530 Mimics and Mishaps in Head and Neck Pathology
Dr. Christina MacMillan
1600 How to be Safe with Melanocytic Lesions
Dr. Danny Ghazarian
1630 Panel Discussion
1700 Interesting Cases
Dr. Raouf Nakhleh

Saturday, November 14, 2015

0715 Registration and Breakfast
Session 1
0800 Pathology and the CMPA
Dr. Kathryn Reducka
0830 How to Manage Errors and Amendments/Revisions
Dr. Corwyn Rowsell
0900 Panel Discussion
0930 Break
Session 2
1000 Breast – Cases That Make Us Nervous
Dr. Sharon Nofech-Mozes
1030 Biopsy Diagnosis in “Colitis”: Keeping Yourself and the Patient Out of Trouble
Dr. Robert Riddell
1100 Panel Discussion
1130 Evaluation and Adjournment