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Marketing innovation a ‘win’ for CPD learners

CPD’s innovative programming is at the pulse of healthcare education. Between multidisciplinary conferences like the Indigenous Health Conference – with a biennial attendance of over 600, specialized lab-based cadaveric workshops like TaTME and dynamic webinar series like Safer Opioid Prescribing, CPD continues to serve the changing needs of our diverse health care community. Innovation in […]

Health Arts & Humanities Program Announcements – Spring 2018

A growing amount of research is demonstrating that healthcare professionals who seek out exposure to the humanities and arts-based learning are able to improve their capacity to think critically and augment creativity into their work with patients. The community of researchers, educators, and others interested in exploring these perspectives in health professions education now have […]

Indigenous Health Conference works to address healthcare inequities

Within Canada, there are major inequities between the health of Indigenous peoples versus the health of the general population. Statistics show that Canada’s Indigenous population experiences chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, at a much higher rate than the non-Indigenous population. Consequently, their life expectancies are approximately 5-7 years shorter than their non-Indigenous […]