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Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers.
Plenary presentations will be designed to incorporate an audience response system.

Day 1 – Friday October 26

7:00-8:00am Registration and Morning Refreshments
8:00-8:05am Introduction
8:05-9:05am Stroke
Dr. Amy Yu

  • TIA acute workup and risk stratification
  • Selected topics in primary and secondary prevention
  • Driving – when can you safely resume after a stroke?
9:05-10:05am Neuromuscular Disease – The six most common referrals to the EMG lab
Dr. Charles Kassardjian

  • A case-based session reviewing the common referrals that primary care providers send to neuromuscular clinic, including focal neuropathy, radiculopathy, peripheral neuropathy and elevated serum CK
10:05-10:30am Break
10:30-11:30am A Parkinson Disease Primer
Dr. Elizabeth Slow

  • Management of the Motor and Non-Motor symptoms of Parkinson disease from early to late stage disease, with an update on new therapeutics.

Workshop Session #1

  1. Driving and Dementia
    Dr. Mark Rapaport
  2. Stroke
    Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin
    Case-based learning, with topics including dual antiplatelet therapy, patients with PFO, and what to do with ESUS
  3. Chronic Neuromuscular Conditions in Primary Care: What you need to know, and when to call for help.
    Dr. Aaron Izenberg
    A case-based session reviewing the basics of Myasthenia Gravis, motor neuron diseases, CIDP and myopathy – with a focus on primary care issues and red flags to prompt referral for urgent assessment
  4. Assessment and Management Pearls for Common Movement Disorders Cases
    Dr. Sarah Lidstone
12:30-1:30pm Lunch break

Workshop Session #2

Repeat of Session #1 – Select a different workshop

2:30-3:30pm MS Primer
Dr. Marika Hohol

  • Overview of MS – the disease and diagnosis
  • Update on management of patients with MS
3:30pm Adjourn

Day 2 – Saturday October 27

7:00-8:00am Morning Refreshments
8:00-9:00am Taking the Headache out of Headaches!
Dr. Jennifer Robblee

  • A review of headache management including common benign headache syndrome, and an update on the newest management strategies
9:00-10:00am Weeding Through the Evidence: A review of emerging epilepsy therapies
Dr. Esther Bui
10:00-10:25am Break

Workshop Session #3

  1. Neuro Exam – the Motor Exam Skills Workshop (limited enrolment)
    Dr. Antonio Gallo
    A review of important aspects of the neurological exam
  2. Neuro Exam – the Mental Status Exam Skills Workshop (limited enrolment)
    Dr. David Tang-Wai
  3. Epilepsy Project Echo – Cases and management
    Dr. Elizabeth Donner and Anastasia Vogt
  4. Headache – Case based learning
    Dr. Jennifer Robblee
    Common headache problems seen in practice and how to manage them

Workshop Session #4

Repeat of Session #3 – Select a different workshop

12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:30 – 4:00pm Behavioural Neurology/ Memory and Dementia Mini-Symposium

  1. Management of Agitation and Aggression in Dementia
    Dr. Andrea Iaboni
  2. Update on Therapeutics of Dementia
    Dr. Benjamin Lam
  3. Clinical Assessment of Prefrontal Lobe Functions and Relevance to Clinical Practice
    Dr. Morris Freedman
  4. Approach to the Diagnosis of MCI and non-AD dementia for the Primary Care Clinician
    Dr. Valerie Cheung
  5. Vascular Cognitive Impairment
    Dr. Sandra Black
4:00pm Adjourn