Cataract Surgery: 75 years of innovation and Inspiration

The 63rd Annual Walter Wright will encompass an action-packed agenda for cataract surgeons and the comprehensive ophthalmologist. With this meeting we are looking at cataract surgery innovations and inspirations since it is the 75th anniversary of the 1st IOL inserted by Sir Harold Ridley! We will delve into preop diagnostics and discussion with patients and take the journey to intraoperative technologies and techniques, and finally finish by exploring post op care and dealing with surprises. We have some of the most highly regarded international cataract surgeons invited who will inspire us and guide us through all these steps and challenging cases as well. We will have the Cataract Coach symposium and some amazing talks on cataract surgery challenges and complications. Also, cataract surgery in eyes with other co-morbities, unexpected outcomes and how to best manage. Through these different viewpoints, we aim to provide key practical pearls for residents, fellows, community, and academic ophthalmologists as well as allied health personnel. We look forward to connecting and engaging with you at this year’s symposium.