Glaucoma 2017
Evolution of Glaucoma: Top 10 changes to your practice

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- The Post MD Education – Continuing Professional Development Team


The 2017 Walter Wright annual ophthalmology review symposium will focus on glaucoma management by the comprehensive ophthalmologist: the most significant changes in the past decade as well as the most important trends occurring now.

World-renowned experts will update participants on the diagnosis and treatment of common glaucoma disorders. This meeting will feature an innovative and highly interactive format between the speaker and the audience, incorporating social media for real-time feedback. Speakers have been posed topical questions highly relevant to the day-to-day management of glaucoma. They will be challenged to deliver a key “pearl” or take-home-message that participants can immediately apply in their offices. To encourage knowledge translation and self-reflection the audience and Outreach Committee will be assessing what changes they will be making to their clinical practice. The top 10 pearls will be reviewed and discussed and there will be a winner of the prestigious “COMA” award for the most clinically impactful pearl.

Topics will include:

  • Unleash your inner nerd: how to get the most out of your EMR to manage your glaucoma patients?
  • How should we be checking IOP?
  • rNFL OCT progression with stable fields – should I change my therapy, and how? Is surgery indicated?
  • Ganglion cell analysis with OCT – are the clinical correlations there yet?
  • Evaluating narrow angles – do I need anterior segment OCT, or will tried-and-true gonioscopy still suffice?
  • OCT angiography – if the retina doc has one anyway, should I start sending my glaucoma patients for testing?
  • Marijuana and glaucoma – any disease benefits, other than making your patients less worried about going blind?
  • Ocular surface disease and glaucoma – why can’t this dry topic be avoided?
  • COS glaucoma guidelines a decade later – what’s still current? What’s dated?
  • What are some tips and tricks when using steroids in our glaucoma patients?
  • Anti-VEGF’s – do they treat glaucoma, cause glaucoma, or both?
  • Which MIGS should I pay attention to?
  • Trabeculoplasty – should I buy a micropulse trabeculoplasty laser, or will SLT do just fine?
  • Angle closure – when is it time to skip the LPI and head to surgery?
  • Cataract surgery in glaucoma patients – what is the right (and wrong) IOL choice?

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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Hilton Downtown Toronto, 145 Richmond Street

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