The Education Consultants

Kate Hodgson and Jane Tipping, our Education Consultants, are here to help you develop your CE curriculum. Jane and Kate have designed a set of tips to help with a range of topics, from needs assessment to acting as a panel for moderators. The Quick Tip series has the information you need! If you have an idea for the next Quick Tip or you need clarification from an Education Consultant, don’t hesitate to contact Jane or Kate.

Kate Hodgson, DVM, MHSc, CCMEP
Phone: 416-978-4957

Jane Tipping, MADEd
Phone: 416-946-7904

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Accreditation of Online Learning


Initiating a Learning Needs Assesment- Gap Analysis of Health Care Issues

Use of Audience Response Systems (ARS)


Planning Committee

Practice Reminders, Enablers or Practice Tools

Active/Interactive Learning

Methods of Learning Needs Assesment