Spring 2010 Letter from the Vice Dean

Welcome to the latest edition of BeBo – Better Education for Better Outcomes. In this newsletter, you will find further information about our initiatives in social networking, links to web pages to encourage our learners to use online portals, educational links for continuing education providers and unique profiles of administrators and faculty who work in or with our Office. We are very proud to announce our first Annual Report that is linked to this newsletter. We are publishing this report online exclusively; it is our Office’s contribution to greening the environment. By putting more information on our website we hope to make registration more efficient for our clients.

This will also help us keep more up to date databases, all while lessening our impact on the earth by wasting less paper. We hope, in the spirit of spring, that you will change with us; its our way of making continuing education better for you and the planet. Enjoy the 4th edition of BeBo! Warmest regards, Ivan