The Education Consultants – Collected Links of Interest

Kate Hodgson and Jane Tipping, our Education Consultants, are here to help you develop your CE curriculum. They have collected a set of links sent to them by colleague Anne Taylor Vaisey regarding CEPD. They wanted to share them with Bebo readers, so here is five they have selected for this issue:

Bellande BJ, Winicur ZM, Cox KM. Commentary: Urgently needed: a safe place for self-assessment on the path to maintaining competence and improving performance. Acad Med. 2010 Jan;85(1):16-8. PubMed

Davis DA, Baron RB, Grichnik K, Topulos GP, Agus ZS, Dorman T. Commentary: CME and its role in the academic medical center: Increasing integration, adding value. Acad Med. 2010 Jan;85(1):12-5. PubMed –

Dubovsky SL, Kaye DL, Pristach CA, DelRegno P, Pessar L, Stiles K. Can academic departments maintain industry relationships while promoting physician professionalism? Acad Med.2010 Jan;85(1):68-73. PubMed

Kawczak S, Carey W, Lopez R, Jackman D. The effect of industry support on participants’ perceptions of bias in continuing medical education. Acad Med. 2010 Jan;85(1):80-4. PubMed –

Steinman MA, Boscardin CK, Aguayo L, Baron RB. Commercial influence and learner-perceived bias in continuing medical education. Acad Med. 2010 Jan;85(1):74-9. PubMed –

If you have a question or you need clarification from an Education Consultant, don’t hesitate to contact Jane or Kate.

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Jane Tipping, MADEd
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