The Education Consultants – Evaluating Your Evaluations: A Practical Guide

Kate Hodgson and Jane Tipping, our Education Consultants, are here to help you develop your CE curriculum. Their suggestion for Winter is Evaluating Your Evaluations: A Practical Guide featured in Volume 4, Number 3 of The Journal of Outcomes in Measurement in Continuing Healthcare Education out in September 2010. To learn more read on!

The evolution of expectations for continuing medical education (CME) reflects a desire to connect the education of physicians and other health care professionals to improvements in health care delivery and ultimately to patient outcomes. This transition requires a new framework not only for educational design but also for measuring the impact of these educational activities in the lifelong learning and practice improvement of physicians and health care professionals as they move through their professional lives. Physicians’ and other health care professionals’ lifelong learning and their application of new clinical findings improve patient care and population health by reducing the gap between current medical evidence and current clinical practice. Studies have revealed that CME activities are effective in closing this gap between evidence and practice. CME activities that support lifelong learning require significant resources.

If you have a question or you need clarification from an Education Consultant, don’t hesitate to contact Jane or Kate:

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