Advancements in Green Technology

The Office of CEPD has been working hard over the past few years to implement greener technologies in the management of our events.

We’ve gone from printing and mailing all our brochures to sending most of them via email, a more cost effective and efficient way to share program details without wasting paper.  We also started using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn two years ago to post program updates. Using these greener technologies has streamlined information sharing in our office, enabling us to distribute important updates with our participants in real time without being wasteful.

Our registrants play a large role in assisting us to be greener when they use our online registration system instead of faxing or mailing in forms.  Our online event management system allows participants to register, manage their receipts and accreditation letters – all without having to print a single page.  Working together, we can ensure that our continuing education office sustains an environmentally friendly way to learn. To read our full Green Initiative Solutions click here