International Leadership in Improving Health through Innovation in Continuing Education and Research

Integration, Innovation, and Impact in CEPD ( I3 CEPD)

Dimitri Anastakis, Vice Dean, Office of CEPDI am very excited and honoured to be the next Vice Dean of Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD).  I know that I have big shoes to fill when I think of the important accomplishments made by my predecessor Dr. Ivan Silver.  We are all very grateful to Ivan for his contributions to the Office of CEPD.

Together with the entire Faculty of Medicine and all our partners, we will further position this Office as an international leader in improving health through innovation in continuing education and research.  As one of the country’s greatest concentrations of health professions clinical expertise, scholars and educators it is not just our social responsibility but a moral obligation to work together to improve the health of our community.  Going forward, the Office will invest in developing both academic and administrative leaders so that we can achieve greater impact on improving the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge in CEPD.

I look forward to working with everyone as we bring about the required changes to further position the Office, our faculty and staff as leaders in improving health through innovation in continuing education and research.