Top 5 Tips When You Can’t Find Your Ideal Meeting Space

Conference RoomThe city of Toronto is busier than ever, and while that’s excellent news for local business, it has created a hurdle for those looking for meeting space. Most of CEPD’s events are held in Toronto’s downtown core where space is at a premium. With an increasing number of courses and events being planned each year, CEPD is hard at work finding the most suitable space available for Course Directors and participants. But what happens if that ideal meeting space is not available?

Alison Lind, CEPD’s Business Development Coordinator, provides five tips to consider when planning/hosting a CPD event, but your ideal space is booked.

  1. Have more than one set of possible dates. It’s great if you know exactly when you want to host your conference, but having a set of backup dates will help speed up the process when negotiating with venues. Be prepared and have a backup date to fall back on if your ideal venue cannot accomodate your event on first date of choice.
  2. Timing is everything. Think about hosting your event at a less busy time of year. January to March, July and August are off seasons when venues have more space available. Weekends in particular tend to be less busy than weekdays for large-scale events.
  3. Increase your event value. Don’t forget you’re competing with other events to book meeting space. Does your event have what it takes to nab the ideal venue for your participants? Make your conference more appealing to participants and venues alike by including a lunch or an evening reception.
  4. Maybe it’s time for a new tradition. If there’s no space available for your event during a time that’s best for your participants, you may want to consider a non-traditional event space. Theatre settings or the Art Gallery of Ontario are non-traditional and may be able to accomodate you when other venues cannot.
  5. Don’t be afraid to explore the city. There are many venues perfect for both small and large-scale events spread throughout the Greater Toronto Area. If your first choice for a venue is booked solid, try looking farther afield. There are event spaces situated outside the downtown core, but near major highways making them easy to access.

When it comes to event space Alison says “it’s never too early to start looking.”