CEPD Activity Report – Partners in Transforming Health Care in Ontario

In anticipation of CEPD’s CACME Accreditation Review taking place on March 21st and 22nd, the office has put together an infographic highlighting our key areas of activity over the past five years (2008-2012).

We present CEPD by numbers:

  • 1,114  – Accredited Events. CEPD is building upon a reputation of excellence in education. The University of Toronto is where health professionals want to come to learn.
  • 118,801 – Registrants. We are Canada’s largest provider of CEPD driving C-IPE.
  • 234 – Managed Events. CEPD is where the brightest come for event solutions. Witness the power of the University of Toronto brand working for you.
  • 107 – CEPD Research Grants. We are driving integration across QI, PS, KT, and CEPD domains of expertise.
  • $25,926,586 – Combined CEPD Research Funding. We drive innovation and impact in CEPD through research.
  • 185 – CEPD Publications. We are global leaders in CEPD research.

CEPD Activity Report