CPD Director of Research to present at University of Leicester

Dr. Simon KittoCEPD Director of Research, Dr. Simon Kitto will be presenting today, Monday, September 16th, at the University of Leicester (UofL), UK in a workshop that is bringing together all UofL Interprofessional Education (IPE) leads.

“I’m pleased to be presenting at such a reputable institution,” Dr. Kitto says. “I will be emphasising the importance of theoretically and empirically informed IPE design and practice using examples from workplace-based analyses of factors affecting the conditions of possibility for IPC to happen appropriately and effectively.”

 Dr. Kitto’s morning presentation is focused on:

  • the importance of IPE in reorganizing healthcare practices and improving the quality of patient care,
  • the need to understand the conditions of the healthcare system when designing IPE.

The overarching aims of the morning agenda are:

  • to re-energize the IPE leads from each discipline as well as others who have supported the teaching for some time.
  • to ensure alignment between IPE teaching and core profession-specific teaching by asking the two questions: “Why do we do this work?”  and “What is the added value of being interprofessional?”
  • to consider a Portfolio of IPE Assessment and research while involving students in educational design and teaching.

The overarching aim of the afternoon agenda is:

  • to consider this the first teaching event and how attendees can maximize learning,
  • to improve teaching quality for this first teaching event,
  • to consider the integration of social and psychological theories on how people work in teams.

 Dr. Kitto will address sociological theories relating to IPE, while drawing on his own work to highlight the importance of healthcare students’ learning not only within the classroom, but also within the clinical context.

Connect with Dr. Kitto via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email at simon@cepdtoronto.ca.