Innovative Programing in the Spotlight

Innovative Programs pic

CEPD is gaining national and international recognition for its innovative programing. Medical Record-Keeping, Safe Opioid Prescribing, and Practice Skills in Primary Care are three series of courses that have been developed in-house and are achieving prominence.

Medical Record-Keeping is a one-day interactive workshop that is recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Its primary goal is to help educate participants on how to navigate the CPSO’s new Record Keeping policy to maintain medical records to ensure quality, continuity, assessment, and evidence of care. This program, along with Practice Skills in Primary Care sessions, will be included in the Family Medicine Forum in Vancouver, B.C., November 7-9, 2013.

CEPD wanted to create targeted programing for doctors specifically looking for a practice skills refresher. The outcome was the six courses of Practice Skills in Primary Care, which focuses on the CanMeds Roles of Communicator, Collaborator, and Professional. The program is made up of 6 day-long small group, interactive workshops participants can choose from: Patient Centred Communication, Challenging Communication, Clinical Collaboration, Professionalism and Ethics, Web-based Resources for Practice, and Creating Change in Clinical Practice. This was created as an alternative to the Comprehensive Family Practice Review, which covered five three-day weekends.

“CEPD is committed to supporting physicians working in primary care to provide the best care for their patients, families and communities,” says Dr. Kate Hodgson, CEPD’s Education Consultant involved with the development of these programs.

Starting in January 2014, Safe Opioid Prescribing will be taught in a blended learning format including three modules offered via webinar for learners who live further afield and find it challenging to reach the Greater Toronto Area followed by one interactive workshop. It was created to help physicians focus their expertise in the field of complex pain management and safe prescribing to address the dangers of opioid misuse and abuse.

“We are very excited to use innovative web-based educational technology to provide resources and outreach for physicians across Ontario who are working to keep their communities safe,” says Alex Snukal, CEPD’s Information Services Coordinator who is providing technical assistance for these programs.