Innovation + Education Showcase 3D Simulation Training Tool

On Wednesday March 11, 2015, the Innovations + Education (i+e) Office at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto hosted the latest in a series of seminars showcasing cutting-edge tools and technologies that enable new ways of creating, presenting, and distributing educational content.

Body Interact™ is a 3D e-Health medical training simulation tool that accelerates critical thinking and clinical decision-making for acute and chronic care scenarios. This is done through an interactive screen and gaming technology, playing out possible scenarios using simulation to encourage collaboration and skills development. This resource can be customized to suit particular educational environments including distance learning.

In order to encourage clinical educators to start incorporating new technologies into their curriculum, education leaders at the University of Toronto were invited to attend this presentation. The use of innovative tools, like Body Interact, may better enhance medical education and work to improve patient safety, treatment and healthcare outcomes. This technology is the direction and future of medical education.

In partnership with CPD and Body Interact, i+e is pleased to announce an open call for proposals to develop a pilot educational program that uses the Body Interact platform. Free licenses are available for courses/programs that use the Body Interact technology and are accredited through CPD, Faculty Of Medicine University of Toronto.

To learn more about the Innovating Education Seminar Series you can visit the website. For those interested in learning more about the Body Interact platform, a Webinar highlighting advanced features of the technology is being organized. To participate and help shape the focus of the webinar, please take a minute to fill out a 3-question survey.

Webinar Survey

For more information, view the video below and visit the Body Interact™ website.

Contact the Innovations + Education Office to incorporate this technology into your curriculum.

Update April 2015

Free licenses available for courses which use the Body Interact technology and are accredited through CPD, Faculty Of Medicine University of Toronto. Learn More