Dr. Anju Anand: “@thelungdr”

Dr. Anju Anand (known by her Twitter followers as @thelungdr) is a graduate of the UofT Faculty of Medicine and a leader in medical communications.

A recent Canadian Medical Association survey identified those in the field of respirology as least likely to use social media. Dr. Anand, a respirologist and sleep medicine doctor, is breaking the mould one tweet at a time.

On top of working with patients directly, Dr. Anand moderates the torontoadultcf.com website she developed herself. She has also built the U of T Division of Respirology Twitter journal club @respandsleepjc from the ground up to ensure all lines of communication are open.

Her upcoming session at the 10th Annual Day in Respirology, “Social Media in Respirology,” will help fellow medical professionals learn the do’s and don’ts of online communications as well as how social media platforms can be used to assist in the management of respiratory diseases.

Visit www.cpd.utoronto.ca/respirology to learn more about this important event and follow Dr. Anju Anand on Twitter @thelungdr