Dr. Monica Epelman: Radiology expert with a hands-on approach

Monica Epelman, MD, is passionate about getting the right diagnosis, and she’s spent her career in radiology finding ways to get to the bottom of every problem her little patients might face.

Dr. Epelman originally intended to become a paediatrician, but decided to become a radiologist when she realized the role was “a natural fit” for those who like to take on the challenges of working with technology.

Born in Argentina, with time spent living in Israel and Canada, she has now put down roots in Florida, where she is co-director of the Department of Radiology in Nemours Children’s Hospital.

In spite of the busy schedule of a doctor in a speciality hospital, and a prolific career in research, Dr. Epelman says she prefers to spend time with the patient herself.

“It’s good to be involved in imaging so that I can make sure the process is really tailored to the individual kid, with the least amount of risk,” she says. “I really enjoy being right there to oversee the child’s care and make sure we get all the information we need.”

Dr. Epelman has published more than seventy articles on pediatric imaging and ultrasound and is the winner of the 2012 John Caffey Award for Best Scientific Exhibit at the Annual Society of Pediatric Radiology Meeting.

In recent years, she has developed a special interest in 3-D images because they provide a larger amount of information about the patient.

“I’m always passionate about doing good imaging studies that are truly diagnostic,” says Dr. Epelman. “I enjoy helping other doctors and surgeons on the care team really understand a problem.”

Dr. Epelman will be in Toronto this year for the city’s Pediatric Body Imaging Symposium from September 30 to October 1. She will present three talks, including “Chest infections in older children” and “Integrated imaging of congenital gynecologic anomalies.”

Visit www.cpd.utoronto.ca/pediatricbodyimaging fr more information on the symposium.